Queen of the Atlantic


Yesterday evening, I decided to do a short hop across the pond, and what better way to do this than to fly between two of the busiest airports in each’s respective continent, and how do you make it even better? Boeing 747-400.

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Airline: British Airways
Flight Number: BA175 (KJFK - EGLL)
Flight Time: 6 Hours


Singapore Airlines A380 touches down from Munich, while a British Airways 747-400 taxies for her flight to Heathrow.

Delta CRJ-700 dwarfed by the BA 747-400, as she holds short alongside it.

BA 747-400 lifts off out of JFK, while a AF 777-200ER arrives, and a Lufthansa A350-900 prepares for her departure.

Departure out of a sunny New York.

Sun-downers over the Atlantic.

Back in Europe!

Moments from butterization.

Thanks for viewing this little album!


Nice photos on probably the most classic route in the world!


Really nice pics this really makes me want to fly the Queen on BA’s most profitable route ✈️😀👌

A lot of people think that pond hopping would be considered long haul, infact, these flights are no-where near the longest in the world. You could do 3 in one day if you really wanted.


It’s incredibly short! 2 weeks ago I flew on SQ22 (longest flight in the world) which I guess was 3 times as long as JFK-LHR and it felt like it would never end.

Btw, nice pictures! I love the 31L departure! It kind of hurt my brain when people departed straight out but it looks like you followed the SID correctly.

It’s crazy that these flights take just as long or even less than a flight like JFK-LAX

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ATIS states that there were only straight out departures, so I decided to PM the current controller, and I requested the use of the SID, it got accepted.

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Yep, that’s what I did too. Usually, if there aren’t any aircraft in your path, controllers don’t mind if you turn early. It just annoys me as a controller when aircraft act like they’re the only one and can fly wherever they want. But yeah, this departure didn’t get in the way of arrivals so it was okay.

Good job! TeamButter

Nice photos you got. But for some reason, even though it’s JFK, why does the CRJ still look so out of place?

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Love the pictures. Probably one of my favorite routes to fly! With the American 777 or BA380/744.

I honestly feel bad for the little CRJ. 😂

I love that route! I also very much love photo number 5

Idk about you but (unfortunately) when I think of JFK I think of over crowded terminals with too many thicc planes 90% of which are headed to LHR or HKG.