Queen of Saudi Arabia ..!

Today, i take you to Saudi Arabia with the Beautiful Saudi B777F. Hope you enjoy my shots


Estimated Flight Time: 12hrs
Aircraft: B777F

Line up and wait.!

Who doesn’t love a great moonshot…!🌕

Arrived safe and sound.

Peace out ✌️


Fantastic Moonshot 🤩🤩

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Thanks mate…! I put my gear down at FL350 for that shot🤣🤣😂

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never been to Saudi Arabia in the sim

I should go sometime, Great Pics!

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Oh yeah anything to get good photos 😂

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Why does the title remind me of Lawrence of Arabia? 😂

Lol. Great photos, and what a nice livery!

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Lol😂😂…Thanks mate…🤍

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Thanks…Happy you liked them…

You should fly there sometime 😉