Queen Jiulliane Arrivals


I flew into Sint Martin this evening and found hoards of folks trying to get in. I understand it’s a new 3D airport and all but let’s try to stay cognizant of other folks out there. Ended up having to do 3 go arounds because of people lollygaging on the runway. I have flown in there a few times and you can back taxis faster than the 35 knots. I know in the real world taxis limits are usually ignored on runways especially when you gotta back taxi on a busy runway. I am also fairly certain that you can bump it up pretty quick and take that first right and slow down before you actually get a violation in the game at that airport. Let’s all try to be efficient and expedient when back taxiing on a highly used runway.


Don’t hesitate to exit the runway quickly either. Mods will usually reverse a violation if it’s a taxi speed vio caused by exiting the runway too fast if there’s an arrival right there

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Good point! I ended up diverting to San Juan because it was so bad. Just checked a few min ago and there was still 54 arrivals. It’s crazy because I don’t think that airport would see that many arrivals at a time lol

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