Queen Fly By Flight Over RAF Brize Norton

The Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland health has a took a turn for the worst. The Royal Family and the UK’s new Prime Minister are all going to see her today 8th September 2022. This is a traumatic time for everyone in the UK currently for obvious reasons. I would like to do a fly past formation with the C-130 Hercules in the RAF 50th Anniversary livery. I want to have 1 big formation with as many of you as possible. Type “In” below to be signed up.

SERVER: Casual

DATE: 19th September 2022

TIME: 18:00 ZULU (7pm UK Time)

AIRPORT: RAF Brize Norton (Fly By will also go over this Base)

DISCORD: Her Majesty the Queen's Fly Over



And RIP now, London Bridge has fallen. (Code name for Queens death) she had a great run.


Rest in peace. o7

Just a request, can this be changed to 18th September to be the same date as her funeral?

Great idea

Great idea, will definitely be there

It feels surreal to use the past tense for a monarch who had seemed like one of the few constants in an ever-changing world; yet, her death marks the end of an era the likes of which few of us will ever see again.

Rest in peace, Your Majesty.


If only it were I few hours earlier I would be able to make it. Sorry :(

Sorry I can’t make it.

Depending on how many people get involved. The time could be changed :)

I’ll try to make it

Sadly I can’t make it. I hope you honor the queen well with this event!

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No worries, i wi certainly try my best and hopefully someone will be able to record it

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As an American , my heart goes out to those grieving in the UK. We too feel your loss.
Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II will be missed World wide.

She has been rock solid for mankind for 70 years.

So do not despair her legacy will transcend time and continue to lead and comfort us for a long time to come.

Have faith in your new King as well.

Although we ran away from home years ago, many of us understand the significant role the UK plays in the global theater and the significant role the Royal Family plays in the UK.

Carry on with a stiff upper lip to a bright future.


Thanks for organising this. I’m in

Try and het people to join everyone. The more of us the better, and dont forget to join our discord :)

the queen died right as my schools pep rally started :/
may we all mourn the most incredible queen on earth and may she rest in peace
I’m in the USA but its hit us here hard too

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@Callum_King can we fly over Windsor castle and Buckingham palace as well

In. Even though me living in America has no connection with Her Majesty, I would like to join. This is my message of condolence to Her Majesty. God Save the Queen.

I have been thinking about it, but would be hard to guess where they will be on the Infinite Map, espdcially if there will be quite a few of us

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