Queen 747 in PIA livery

Boeing 747 flying over Tokyo
OPIS to RJTT in expert server

Photo credit:Me


r u from Pakistan too?

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Yep i am but i live in USA I noticed there aren’t many ppl in this community who post PIA pics so I decided to do it myself but i have been thinking bout creating virtual PIA airline here!


Yes please make a PIA virtual my family is From Karachi, but I was born in USA I really want a PIA Virtual

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Dang that’s a nice angle.

Awesome photo!

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@Zaviation I also love Qatar Airways. Travelled from LHE-CGK on QR 2 days ago.
You really remind me of my brother (who plays IF too but he isn’t on the IFC).

I know another Pakistani on the IFC (@NoorMuhammad)

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Would u like to help me create and also be part of it?!

Qatar airways is beautiful indeed! I flew on PIA as a kid not anymore as I don’t trust a lot pilots there tbh no offense to anyone!

Thank you! I appreciate it!!

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My dad’s cousin is a PIA pilot

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Would be cool to see at least in Pakistani VA this year

I really like Air-Sial and there livery

Epic livery!!!

Yes I’d love that

My uncles friend was the co pilot of PIA 268

PIA used to have direct flight from JFK to Islamabad i used to travel on as a kid that was nice! But now the era of PIA is dimmed cuz of all those crashes! But we can create a community here to fly them still!

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Nice shot!

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Thank you, very much I appreciate that!

Who is from Pakistan here? @Avia_203, im pretty sure you are Pakistani right?

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