Québec International Airport has holes in the fence - for planespotters

Canada is known to be home to progressive and friendly people and they often come up with ideas that the rest of the world later follows. Consequently, while the TSA is depicting aviation photographers as creepy, potential terrorists, Canadians in Quebec are granting them rights to capture as many aviation photographs as they like. Therefore, recently, Jean-Lesage International Airport of Québec announced that it has teamed up with the Québec-based planespotting community YQB Aviation in order to install special panels around the airport to provide photographers with the ability to snap pictures from various angles.

Metal frames surround the holes to prevent wires from scratching the camera lens. The airport also provides photographers with the map of the 10 panels around the area.


Though I am not really interested in planespotting (VOMM is too far), I fully appreciate this. Who knows, maybe this idea might be implemented in every major airport in the future!

For those of you who want to read more on this, visit the below website:

PS - Does anyone here live in Québec?


I don’t live in Quebec City, but I live in Montreal which is not far from Quebec City. Montreal is in the Quebec province though.

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How are you supposed to pan with these 🤔

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At least its something

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This is really generous of the airport managers to do this. However, I think certain organizations dealing with aviation safety would have a slight problem with this. After the 9/11 (May the souls rest in peace) terrorist attacks, airport have really strengthened their grips so I doubt this is something we will see in the majority of international airports. Especially at airports in the New York and Washington area.

@Aceorbit’s right. How are spotters supposed to pan photos? I say that a little platform just a bit higher than the fence adjacent to the runway, would be a lot more practical than some hole in a fence.

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BWI and other DC airports need to learn…
Another awesome idea from our northerly friends!

Here is why I love Canada! So awesome for the people to do this. I mean if we got full on slits for cameras. That would probably be the greatest thing to happen to spotting.

I agree with you and @Aceorbit, but there is a bigger problem with a platform (maniacs can climb easily). Besides, at least this hole will let you take photos from some angles and pan a little bit… This is just the beginning.

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