Que signifie les cercles rouges / what does red circles

Que signifie les cercles rouges ou orange dans expert serveur et que doit on faire

What does red or orange circles mean in expert server and what should we do

The circles you see are TFRs, below is an example. Some are different, you must follow them or you could be ghosted.


You must follow them or you could be ghosted.

Use the tutorials provided by @Thomas_G to explain them in more depth.

As you may not know what TFR means, here is a tutorial to help you out:

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Queries transulcion? Puedo asistir con ti si no entiendes. Conozco que usas el “google translate” con la frase que hay en ingles

For all of you English guys: do you want a translation? I can help if you dont understand what was said. I know you used google translate with the sentence that was in English.

I think OP’s question was pretty clear :)


SĂ­, acabo de leer el enlace, confieso que no entiendo nada. asĂ­ que prefiero no aventurarme en eso esta noche. Ya tengo 4 informes, me da miedo esta cosa

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The question might be clear but the answer might not be clear. Google translate doesn’t work very well.