Quck Zoom Switching

This feature request is for the controller side of the application.

While controlling controllers often find themselves zooming in and out often on a frequency. For example, when on tower a controller will often zoom out to see the airspace and then zoom in to see the order of the departure queue. On some devices this may be more challenging to accomplish and for others it just wears out your zoom fingers.

What I would like to propose is a way to set two zoom levels to your choosing. Then while controlling these zoom levels be quickly accessed on the radar screen. A controller would then be able to flip back and forth to the zoom levels on that frequency.

Potential Application
This is just a business use case, not how it should be designed.

  • A controller starts their session and goes to their tower radar for example. They zoom out to a level they like to see the airspace. The controller goes to the gear icon and select “Set Zoom 2”
  • The controller likes to zoom in and see the departing aircraft. They zoom in to the view they would like and select the gear icon and select “Set Zoom 1”
  • Now on the radar the controller has both zoom levels set and can easilly switch between the two by the buttons on the screen.

Other Uses
This would be frequency specific. Ground may have different levels than tower. Approach may also have multiple zoom levels between wide and narrow views. I feel overall it just gives a little flexibility to the app to enhance the user experience.

Hope this helps!