Quarantine Spotting!

I’m in quarantine and can’t go anywhere so why not take some pictures of the Southwest STAR right over my house at 3,000 ft!

SW1535 738 inbound from KLAS wearing the Canyon Blue livery

SW957 738 inbound from KLAX right behind SW1535!

SW309 from Kansas City wearing the Heart livery

SW1199 inbound from Dallas wearing the Heart livery!
image image
I caught this guy at the last second! SW1324 wearing the Arizona One livery, inbound from Salt Lake City!

Some are not as close as they could’ve bee, but this is the best I could’ve got, but I can’t go spotting at the airport. Let me know if you like them! Zoom in on them for a better view!


Nice shots! It’s great to see Midway still in action during quarantine.

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These are very very dark


Southwest is the only airline not getting hit as bad there are still tons at STL

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Thanks! It’s definitely starting to get more traffic!

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Turn your screen brightness up? Maybe that will help. They aren’t dark for me

Yesterday the weather was horrible in Chicago.

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I also got a DHL 767 going to ORD but it is horrible quality

My screen brightness is all the way up. You may want to turn the iso a littler higher next time especially when it’s cloudy and the lighting isn’t good


Yes that’s true. Southwest is a pretty strong airline in my opinion

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They look great, good job!
Just a tip: you can go into the simplest of photo editors, and increase the exposure (and brightness) there, the photos are brighter but your screen brightness doesn’t melt your eyes.

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Thanks. For some reason I couldn’t edit them! I went into the photoshop apps and hit all photos and they weren’t there… so I just posted them raw :)

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Planes are still flying example DEN still has a ton of WN flights a day because those planes have to be places. but there no where near full.

While we appreciate the effort, we need to adhere to the spotting rules to keep the quality up.