Quarantine Spotting! Well... not really

Hello, IFC!

As some of you may know, most of the world is locked down and quarantined, so spotting is hard and sometimes a health concern!
I have been spotting for over 2 years, at least once a month, so this quarantine really affected me.

So, instead of spotting, I am going to think back about the best times I went spotting, and recreate them, without going outside!

Here are my best recreations of pictures I took at various airports.

Here are my best pics, in IF!

If you can find all of the real pictures these are copying, you will get a bunch of virtual cookies!

Thank You!

I hope you like this idea!

Have a good day!

Keep up the self quarantining! You can do it!



Please click for full pictures!


If only that was a smidge later! Would’ve been just majestic!

All are amazing shots nonetheless!

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Thank you for the feedback!


Great photos

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I like

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ew no birb

jk very nice but don’t forget birb next time

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This isn’t a spotting topic, so no birb :)

Wow! 🤩

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This is a very creative idea! Beautiful shots as well like others have said. Still finding ways to engage in our passions while doing our part for others!

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Should I do more of these? (Possibly with different spotters?)

  • Yes, with your pics
  • Yes, With other spotter pics
  • Yes, but I don’t care were the pics come from
  • No

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These are absolutely epic!

Not sure how I didn’t see these before.

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Thank you so much!!!
I appreciate the compliment!