Quarantine Spotting: Brisbane Airport

Hi guys,
today was my first spotting session for over 5 months. Unfortunately there were minimal aircraft movements and most of my shots were under exposed. Here are some that turned out okay.

When: Saturday 13 June; 6am to 8am
Camera: Canon EOS400D

A Toll 737-4SF heading out to Sydney

An Emirates 777-300ER off to Dubai with some grounded Qantas A330 in the bottom

A grounded Qantas A330-200 heading to nowhere

A Grounded Virgin Australia A330-200 with a 777-300ER in the background

And as always, a shot of the Domestic Terminal which is currently chocka with stored aircraft :)

What was your favourite?

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Thanks for viewing and see you in the next one!


great shots dude!


Thanks mate!

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I love the face on the engine cover of the Virgin Australia plane. (Am I the only one who noticed?)


Haha yes, Virgin is very creative :P

It looks like Coronavirus has taken a toll on Toll aviation :P
Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 4.28.53 PM
I know, my jokes are terrible, unlike your photos!
Keep it up!

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Oh haha thanks robertine! Not my best but Iā€™m happy that I finally got to go ahaha

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Seems like #4 is the favourite

@Robertine the other engine was a clock but this one is better haha

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