Quarantine’s days IF Edition

Hope this topic will help some people to break the routine!!

didn’t stop no, JFK-SYD almost 19 hours direct.

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Woah os long my longest was 8hrs

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here what i do on infinite flight…
i find ThIcC gLiTcHeZ

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Pretty lonely I’m not in any virtual airline nor have people to fly with


@anon21968459 is a really good VA with tons of nice and friendly members. If you have any interest in flying the Hawaiian Islands and making new friends, this VA is definitely for you.


I’ll check it out

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better to be alone than badly accompanied

Thanks for sharing

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Well, I’ve been doing work on a WIP VA, and I flew a 9700nm flight from RJBB-SCEL. Apart from that I haven’t been using IF during quarantine since I lost my subscription and I’m too lazy to ho buy a new one.

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Got Grade 4 back. Not really much else.


Let’s answer those my lord

  1. I am doing more medium hauls, I have also mastered the landing abilities of the 757. I have joined a lot of my favorite VAs, like: easyJet VA, FedEx Virtual, USCG, & ATNVA.

  2. A lot of my flights revolve around PAJN, PANC, KSEA, KMIA, KJFK, & MYNN. I definitely discovered the US.

  3. You mean IFC right? I met @anon38496261, @Robertine, @Alec, & @Americanboi!


That better be me!

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  1. Breaking planes.

  2. Flying long hauls, doing Singapore to Newark right now.
    Find me on a liveflight, if you want!

  3. I have no friends 🤥

I actually haven’t done any flights on IF. I’m waiting for 20.1 to renew my subscription. I have mostly just been doing online schoolwork, watching YouTube, or playing other games in my free time.

Nothing much. Flying the normal routes before quarantine.

Yesterday/today I’ve flown:

  • KJFK New York - UBBB Baku. Was a great route in a beautiful livery (Azerbaijan)

  • UNNT Novosibirsk - UBBB Baku on an S7 A319. Was definitely out the ordinary for a flight from the middle of Russia. Beautiful and interesting airport.

  • EDDF Frankfurt - UBBB Baku. The final Baku flight, on a new livery Lufthansa A320, it got some great lag free cockpit views on an evening black approach in. Beautiful.

  • EGMD Lydd - KDAB Daytona Beach. My current flight, in a Citation at 44,000ft over the Atlantic. EGMD is my home airport, and always a joy for me to fly from.

I’m always busy doing stuff here! 😜

To be honest, what am I doing during quarantine?

Airport Editing, VA work, moderating other forums, managing pilots and stuff, organising events, contributing here, playing other games, going outside to the shop every now and again, walking around my neighborhood and local woods, and of course doing some school work… Quite a lot I’d say.

WOT? 13 hours???

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School continues … but the flights too … this month I reached grade 5 enter American Virtual
I have discovered new routes in Europe and I have stayed at home
I was used to being before the pandemic hahaha

Met a new friend on the IFC that turned out to be my neighbour; @Rian16!

Secondary schools in the Netherlands are going to open in around 1 month time…


But we’re lucky, we don’t have school until September! More flights than school lol

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