Quarantine flying day one

Hello community,

Unfortunately, yours truly has tested positive on Monday which now has me in a 10-day mandated quarantine. I am disappointed that I’ve contracted the virus however, rather than being more so angry about it, I am using it as a plus advantage. I have been lacking flights this summer and so I’ve decided to get right into it by flying around! I have more to post by the days until I have recovered. And yes, I will recover!

And now, here are the first 4 from day one. As always, photos were taken on the Expert Server with edits made on Adobe Lightroom! Thanks for looking and wish me well for a super speedy recovery!

BAW 188 provides daily service from Newark Liberty to Heathrow! It uses the 777-200ER! Here, it rotates out in the evening!

BAW 197 was next on my list. this one flies LHR to Houston. In the past, it used the 777-300ER but now It's the 787-9. I prefer the 777-300ER though on this route. Afternoon departure from LHR.
Time for an ultra long haul! Before COVID, Emirates served IAH with the A380. It now uses a 777-300ER. EK212 is the outbound from IAH to DXB. This was the first time flying the A380 in years on the sim. An evening shot into DXB
From Dubai I then flew EL AL to Tel Aviv. This was the first EL AL Boeing 737-800 flight that I did in the liveries history of being on the sim. Nice 2:30 long flight.


my condolences to you. hope you get better! nice pictures!

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always feels good to fly EL AL!


I am wishing you a healthy recovery! Awesome photos! :)

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Get well soon

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Awesome photos!

I have also come down with the virus! Not pleasant at all!

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