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G’day all, I hope y’all are doing okay and are all healthy. The other day I did a flight from Canberra to Melbourne. If you’re looking for a good short flight with good scenery I can safely say, you can choose this route, it had some wonderful scenery. I got this shot while climbing up to my cruise altitude of FL320. I do post more pictures on my Instagram account which you can follow me @qantas094. So I hope y’all enjoy this picture.

image 1 hour and 25 minutes

image Evening

image Canberra to Melbourne | YSCB - YMML

image Boeing 737-800

image Qantas

image Expert

Same as last time just mention me if you’ve used something.


Thank you for the suggestion and great picture you got there 👍

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Another really nice picture, great job!

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Thanks guys!

@CaptainDixon hope you enjoy flying the route if you do.

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