Quality over quantity?

They do to a reasonable extent. How do you think they don’t care?

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I was just pointing something out, not saying that at all.

Please, stop throwing a strop just because they aren’t including the feature that you want.


That seems like a bit of an over reaction. All he was saying is that he values things over other features. It is simple his opinion and everyone has the right to their own opinion. So there I really no need for this negativity…

If they don’t make money they won’t exist! You cannot sustain a business by being a busy fool and providing a service for nothing. That would either be called a charity or a hobby.

My prediction (I do not know as I am not part of the development team) 3D will come with a pc version ( which they asked about on the forum via a poll over a year ago) and mobile will remain as 2D. This way people can interact on the live server using whichever medium works best for them.

Global is next up. We know this for a certainty. This is a journey. Be patient. Be calm. We will just have to wait and see.


Everyone saying quality but then voting for a new aircraft instead of a rework of a current one…


Yes, or course, my problem is that he is generalising the userbase, by saying everyone is unhappy with the game, everybody wants this and so on.

I’d like more GA aircraft, that’s my opinion. I don’t go to FDS and say you don’t value your userbase because you aren’t doing what I want.


I think you forget that FDS has 2 teams one that develops and reworks planes and one that develops the rest of the game, the team that does general development is currently working on Global, LNAV, Fuel Burn, (Hopefully VNAV),etc. So after all of that is finished they will begin to work on things like a glass cockpit. As for the plane team I personally would like new planes over reworked planes at this stage. And let us not forget the volunteers that are part of the airport editing team and are developing all the airports in the world. So eventually it will all be done, it is just a matter of time.

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Bruh just made that point back down son


I just made a suggest… but you make it into what you want it to be.

I don’t know sometimes…

LOL , people say quality but just after they debate " bla bla bla MD11 bla bla bla a350 bla bla bla Concorde" 😒😡

I have choise the a350 because the a330/40 rework is dead

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Live displays add to realism.

Do you have any idea just how annoying it is to fly cockpit view because of non-moving displays? Having an altimeter that is static at 31,000ft is not realistic when taking off from sea level.

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Physics are alpha sierra sierra on EL.

But they have several features lacking in IF.

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Of course they do. But the devs can’t just ‘flick a switch’ and they magically appear

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Of course.

But after global, this could be the next major development. I’d be willing to bet that many people would sacrifice new aircraft for a time in exchange for Functioning Live displays/ECAM/EICAS. Yes, Even the Concorde! :p

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It is a good idea to add some 3d buildings. More important will be the airports I think.

Why do some people say that IF should focus on other things instead of new airplanes? The staff said multiple times that they have a specific developer which only focuses on creating airplanes. So even when new airplanes are being released, other developers focuses on other parts of IF. So the argument of focusing on other things instead of new airplanes is totally irrelevant.


Well, I’d love better quality, but all the other sims only have a few airports, with global too much lag

I disagree, we’ve seen new aircraft come out with the quality increasing EACH time. A320 and Q400 with stunning cockpits, 787 with wingflex, and now C-130 with window glare and cargo door! The quality has been ramping up. Keep in mind, this is a mobile sim. You can’t have everything.

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I propose that if we must compare IF to other mobile flight sims, then we pick the ones that have life flights in a way IF does. Because that’s on of the key things that make IF great, I think.

Do the sims you mentioned have live flight?
If not, then I don’t care how colourful their scenery is…

My 2 cents…

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