Quality over quantity?

and some around them

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fly out of Hawaii their is a city full of buildings

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This is a very hard question if you ask me. We need better quality as well and more in quantity.

I know, I said that :/

First thing before buildings is airport improvement. This goes for airport lighting such as taxiway lights and improved papi and ALS, making the night flying more enjoyable.then making aircraft additions such as engine starts and aircraft tail lighting and runway reflective landing lights. Crosswind landing improvement is a big must. Tbh buildings is not such a must for me atm.


I love this forum but some people get triggered WAAAY to quickly. Chill out mate he’s just saying it would be very nice . Also some people that say " oh if X game is better go play that" no, he’s just making a comparison between the 2 or more games, he’s just saying it’s possible without taking 40 gb like someone above said. A very important part of a flight simulator is the scenery ( terminals, mountains , ect ) something to look at while you’re flying or taxiing apart from your plane, this in my opinion is something that’s lacking from IF even thought is a great game. Ik someone is gonna shout at me for saying all of this, all I have to say is calm down…


I agree but we are working up to live displays because each aircraft is getting so much better

I think there’s waaaaaayyyy to much choice.

If you want to go play XPlane then consider how many junk airports it has. What do I mean? Since I am involved in editing each and every airport in IF I can tell you that there are many many junk airports out there. Yes there are some fantastic 3D ones but you also pay more for this. Global will bring a linked up world with reasonably edited 2D airports everywhere with live capability everywhere! This is Huuuuge! Demonstrate to me that XPlane mobile has full global capability with reasonable airports everywhere and I will be impressed!

No we are not getting triggered but realize how much work goes into this simulator. 3D buildings are nice but once you are up in the air they no longer really render. As you depart from them they are suppressed to enable the graphics. More time is spent up in the air than sitting at an airport looking at 3D.

My 2 cents worth

  • Phase 1, enable global, now we can cross over from area to area and beyond
  • Phase 2, switch on night time lighting
  • Phase 3 consider 3D

Meanwhile IF have already promoted improving the fleet in parallel to this. You have seen the poll. You have voted.

I will be sticking with IF for quite some time.

Go look here and check out all of the upgraded airports Cameron’s team has done: ALL Edited Global Airports - Google Earth Plot - NOW COMPLETE

Example of New Delhi in XPlane


@DipperDolphin why don’t you go play extreme landings if it has all this amazing stuff?

I think the physics engine cuts down on a lot of the graphic capabilities. Aerofly feels like a parking simulator game to me.

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Yea… Plus, with such a large community here compared to the other sims, do you think your BOAC VA could take off on the other sims?

As the @The_Gaming_Guy said well:

I was just comparing.

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I do like this idea, the only problem is, the more realistic they make it, the less people will be able to play, this being because not everybody devices are going to be up to specifications. Also, it’d turn into aerofly 2 where it could get quite laggy :)

I completely agree. Just consider :)

Not me, it will ruin the sim

Also the devs want things they can make money off

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It shouldn’t be all about making money.

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Are you kidding me? How old are you?


They should care about their user base too. Look at the games that stopped caring about their userbase…

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