Quality over quantity?

Personally, I would prefer to see 3d buildings, live displays, improved and reworked aircraft before any new aircraft are added next. It seems like FDS is churning out the aircraft, however still the have no live displays! If Infinite Flight want’s to be called a flight sim, it really needs live displays.

What would you like to see? More aircraft, or better quality current aircraft, with a decent map etc?

  • Quality!
  • Quantity!

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However, I do support the devs, and once again, thanks for such an awesome game!


I completely agree, I would rather have actual 3D stuff than a barren landscape with Google Maps plastered on it, or even jetways, they don’t even have to make them move just add them!


It is a mobile sim so there is a limit on things they can make. And 3d buildings aren’t that needed and if they would be implemended it would be very laggy.


X-Plane 10 and Aerofly manage on mobile :/


3d buildings would take about 15-30 gb’s and it wouldn’t make sense to just do Airport’s only unless its ATC Tower’s only.


Check out X-Plane 10 mobile. You’ll see that you’re wrong ;)


Than go and play XPlane, if they are so much better

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And I think it is more important to have such awesome planes, than 3d buildings

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All i want is to be able to save flight plans. Add that and ill be contempt


think about it, adding jetways that don’t move is still “quantity”. your basically just replacing a new aircraft with a jetway, lol. In order to add the quality aspect the OP is more accurate, live displays and maybe even weather is the way to go! ;)

but i really don’t mind a new aircraft, IF is still in its early stages. It will take some time to compare it to the ones that have been out for ages.

Edit: Technically IF is still improving quality along with quantity, because now you have 4k textures and wing flex with the 787. The C-130 has functional doors…

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I was just saying it was possible…

And I do play X-Plane ;)

I played it before. But the thing is that the Airport’s mainly have the 3d buildings.

Look at x-plane on mobile i would be happy with the terrain and cockpit models of x-plane


What do you mean by that? I would like 3d buildings.

Only the Airports in X-Plane 10 Mobile have 3d buildings

And some of the cities.

Ture but its not as detailed.

Better than nothing, like IF has.


NO IT DOES NOT. I apologise for the screaming caps but I just got really triggered by this. Do you know how hard live displays are to do? Have you even considered the fact that they require much bigger textures and lots of work compared to now? All you are trying to do here is try and trick the developers into thinking that the whole community wants this. I support quality but there is a limit to what’s reasonably possible and can be expected.


Other sims have managed, even Extreme Landings!