Quality of other planes in live

maybe the quality of other planes in multiplayer could be better, im not saying perfect but at least a little bit better


It’s been confirmed that there will be better graphics already.

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oh, i didnt know

well, thats good to hear

I don’t think that’s confirmed…
It would be so laggy unless a PC version would be introduced. Most devices wouldn’t propably be able to run IF properly if all planes would have high quality. :(

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It’s Confirmed by Laura.

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Where? Give me a link please.

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These are various post showing how new graphics are confirmed. See for yourself.

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Yeah but this is all about other aircraft in live.


Then that’s up to the Original Posters phone or tablet. The quality of other players isn’t that bad on my phone (Cause I have everything on high). I did see a post a long time ago that made the other planes quality better but I would have to dig through last year.

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Boy! I can’t wait for this!

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Nice idea. Planespotting with better graphics. YAAY!