Quality not quantity

Ok I’m just going to be honest and might upset some of the owners of virtual airlines. There are way to many virtual airlines out here and a lot of them are just created for personal reasons like to just say they are CEO of this airline . Most of them are not anything close to what a real airline would be run like. I think VA,s should actually assign pilots flights not just put up a list of them and hope that pilots will pick one and fly it In the real world irlines have internal dispatcher as who assign pilots to flights. Or the bid on flights. I know this because my cousin is a senior pilot for American airlines so I asked him about how it all works and from what I have seen on if ,boy are these VA’s way off the mark. What good is it to have loads of pilots in your VA if the majority are inactive so you see it goes both ways. My suggestion is don’t join a VA if your not interested in flying. Lately I have seen disagreements on who owns what airlines. People trying to give their VA away to someone else. I’m sorry to give my opinion and that it is not favorable towards virtual airlines but im sure their are others who think the same as me. I think the concept of virtual airlines is cool. Just take it more serious To all chief executive officers of virtual airlines I say if you’re going to start one then run it.


A very interesting concept. You have me listening…


Ok do you run virtual airlines

I am vice president of Frontier VA but it is not actually a va yet so technically no.

But I do agree with what you are saying in some sense

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Ok but u are gonna get it going. My advise start off small. Set your routes get some pilots and assign them the flight if you see that some of your pilots are not flying their assignments fire them after all how many times in real life on a job if u don’t show up you get terminated

Ok I understand that life happens and this is virtual so u did the right thing

That’s why I want a new Lufthansa VA…

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Is the old one inactive

We are going to get a few pilots, get some well established routes, and organize ourselves, and then expand from there.

Ok what virtual airlines. When you get your pilots and routes remember you are in charge. you tell them when and where and on what aircraft now you can set a time of the flight or give them a window of time in which you want that flight accomplished

Thanks for the advice :) @SkyHighGuys and I are working on frontier.

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This is very true. I’m attempting to start my VA but I feel like there’s so many routes already across America (especially for Global), and there’s much more… I need some help.

I dont know if this is the right place but i support your view… I know this isn’t perfect but please can you give me some feedback on Island Air http://caribbeanislandair.weebly.com

Ok first thing don’t worry about global. From your base of operations set up a few routes set the who what where and when to your pilots

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Sure give me a few to look at your site

Thanks @bigrigdeutch will you PM me the feed back

I mean, the thing that is most off the mark is that the pilots are unpaid. That’s the issue.

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Well u can’t rectify thT it’s virtual right guess u can pay virtual salaries

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