Qualify for expert server

HELLO so i was wondering if someone could help me on how i can qualify for expert server thx

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You need a certain amount of Xp flight time and landings

You must meet the requirements for Grade 3, which means having sufficient XP, landings, not too many violations, etc.


Check out this topic for the full requirements New Expert Server Requirements



The following table will explain when you can rejoin the Expert Server having achieved Grade 3:

Information on reading the grade table can be found at the following thread attached below.

And find more general minimum Expert Server requirements below.

We’ll see you back on the Expert Server soon!


Photo credits: an image of the updated grade requirements table — source.

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You have to flight for a long time without making a mistake. If you have to much violations try to do a a lot of landings to bring down your violation’s number which is calculated with the number of your landings and your mistakes.
Fly as much as you can.

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