Quad City Challenger II ultra light(fixed version)

The Quad City Challenger is an Ultralight aircraft family. The Challenger II is the main one that I and some others would like to see in IF. Challenger II is a Two seater ultralight plane.

Some Specs:
1.Top Alt:5,000-7,000ft
2. Top speed is:110Mph
3.Cruise speed:80mph
4. Crew:1-2

1.Yellow pontoon seaplane
2.Yellow and Black covered canopy no wheel covers
3.White and blue covered canopy W/no wheel covers
4. Red no covered canopy one seater pontoon
5.generic with the option for pontoons and wheel covers

This looks like a funny aircraft… Reminds me of the American Champ or the Cessna 172 aircraft in Infinite Flight. 😀

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That is because it is an ultralight and the planes tail is weird because the prop is so big;)

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