QRGs for all IF aircraft

I don’t know if “features” is the appropriate category to request Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) for all IF aircraft. Nevertheless I think that Mark Denton AKA Skyhawk Heavy has done an outstanding job with QRGs on the CRJ700, DC-10, 787, Dash 8 to name a few. I really appreciate the hard work and quality he’s put into his tutorials and can say that the QRGs he includes have helped me fly these aircraft in a proper and realistic manner.

I don’t expect this to happen overnight, but hope to eventually see QRGs for every aircraft we have over time. If it’s an aircraft series (ex: Boeing NG series which includes 737-700,800 etc) we don’t need a QRG for each model, just the base aircraft.


I think the right category would be General and also yes, his QRGs are really useful especially when landing/taking off. A good idea would be , instead of coming out with landing/takeoff videos for each and every aircraft , to just post the “gramms” he makes in the forums or any other SM.🤔


Are you saying you want this in the game or on the forums?

I dont care where exactly will they post it … after all that is the devs’s descision , I just want to have more QRGs (just like what Mark Denton does) for more planes …

Well, with 90% of the videos Mark makes, there is a tutorial made that can be found in #tutorials. There’s no need for this feature request, unless he specifically wants these in game, as feature requests only deal with features in the app itself.

Ok then … after all I am just a commenter to this topic😁 … I am not even voting, I was just supporting the idea itself but this was just to say that we want more QRGs in general , not especially in the game. As I said before , this should be on General and not on the Features category.


I would like these to be available on the forum unless there’s a video tutorial for that aircraft already.

A “QRG Reference” post can be made. Anyone who wants to find a specific QRG can go to that post. It’ll be like a QRG library

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That’s not the purpose of features then. Perhaps the general category is the best place to request this unless you want the Guides on the app itself.

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Like I said above, #tutorials is your place to go. Also, this shouldn’t be a feature request.