QNH altimeter

Greetings from Cyprus again fellow airmen. I have a very interesting subject that I would like to discuss. Is there any manual setting that I have to do to set my QNH altimeter or does the cockpit do that automatically. I checked my pressure indication on the bottom bar and it kept showing 1013hPa, even when I was below transition altitude (18000ft). I remember for example the QNH at El Dorado where I just landed a few minutes ago was 1030hPa but my indication on the flight deck remained the same (standard pressure) all the time. The QNH in infinite flight is actually measured in hPa (hectopascal), right ? I remember in FS2004 altimeter was indicated in inHg (inches of mercury - 2992 at 18000ft or above). If anyone happens to know, I would be very glad if you could assist me with this. Thanks and safe flights, Michael

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We currently don’t have other than standard pressure 2992 hg/1013 hPa.
There is not a manual setting of altimeter.

You will find feature requests you can vote for in #features

Here is one related to your questions


I’m going to say this is probably for the best. While there are lots of us who could handle it imagine if in the online environment we were relying on everyone to set there own altimeter, that could get dodgy.


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