QjetVA Events Thread

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Hello my fellow pilots. This is QjetVA‘s event thread, thid is where we will be post are events. If you ever want to be one of the pilots in are event just comment below and one of the staff members from this account will add you to the list.

Rules during Events

  1. No trolling

  2. No harassing people

  3. No curse words in your callsign

  4. No bullying

Now this are all of the rules of our VA if you do not abide by our rules you will be banned of showing up at are events. Now let’s see how this goes and let have some fun flying with each other!


Link:QjetVA Exploring The Nederlands ! @ EDDL - 11800ZDEC17

Best Regards,
QjetVA Staff and Managment

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Can you tell me a little more about your VA?

Hi @LouDon ,
As you can tell by the title this is an event thread, which means that this thread is only to post events for QJet.
If you would like to see the main thread, please check Here

Wouldn’t it be a little more tidy to post links to your Events on your main thread? That’s what most VAs do and it helps declutter the VA section.


Please read are main thread. I recommend that before you asked this.

Well that makes it too overcrowded on are thread and so we put it on here.

Just to say I will but the link to the event on the message at the top so you guys can see the link and it is easily accessible.

It seems like this thread doesn’t work with people but I think @Luke your suggestions wins this one.

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