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Hello everyone! I would like to announce the Global update of QJet Virtual (QJVA). We are a virtual airline exclusive to the Infinite Flight Community, we fly great routes with a diverse fleet aircraft. In ort mainline fleet we create quick flights with great customer service. In our charter fleet, we create fantastic custom tailored journeys for our passengers. We are actively recruiting pilots and staff, if you think you can be of service to us in any other way we would love to have you! Please apply below!

What do we offer?
We offer a growing global route network and have many routes in development. We have different ranks to allow you to advance within the company (for more information, see “Our Ranks” on our website or below).

Our Ranks
Prior flight experience will be considered when applying as a pilot. Ranks are subject to change in the future. You may fly any aircraft from your appropriate rank or lower.


  • New to QJet Virtual
    • Cirrus SR22 GTS
    • Cessna 172

Junior First Officer

  • Passed Test Flight
    • Embraer ERJ-190
    • Airbus A320-200

First Officer

  • 3 Flight Hours (180 Minutes)
    • Cessna Citation X
    • Boeing 757-200
    • Airbus A318
    • Boeing 777-200F


  • 6 Flight Hours (360 Minutes)
    • Boeing 787-9

Senior Captain

  • 11 Flight Hours (660 Minutes)
    • Airbus A330-300


  • 20 Flight Hours (1200 Minutes)
    • Boeing 777-300ER

Senior Commander

  • 35 Flight Hours (2100 Minutes)
    • Boeing 747-8

Head of Pilots
​* Selected by other staff members

  • Any aircraft in any fleet

Executive Trainer

  • Management position chosen by other staff members
    • In-charge of flight training for our Virtual Airline
    • Any aircraft in any fleet

Available Positions

  • Fly the QJet Virtual routes
  • Represent QJet Virtual in a positive light


  • If you have skills you can bring to QJet Virtual we would love to have you!
  • Represent QJet Virtual in a positive light

Current Staff

Chief Executive Officer: @BazzarCoffee
Chief Recruitment Officer: @1ofthe3amegos
Chief Business Development Officer: @Gavin_Hertel
Chief Training Officer: @Cpt_Chris

Our Fleet

For more information please visit the “Fleet” page on our website.
QJet Mainline
Embraer ERJ-190
Airbus A320-200
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 787-9
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 747-400

Cessna Citation X
Airbus A318

Boeing 777-200F

How do I join?

Please visit the “Join” page on our website.
Will we host events?

Will we host events?

Yes! We will do our best to host events every other week.

Our Website:


Hello everyone in the VA world. You probably don’t know our VA but we are QjetVA. We are a VA that fell in severe inactivity but now in the process of recovering that and making sure it never occurs to us again. Well this is us basically saying that WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS

Website Link:

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Everyone reading are thread we are accepting PILOT APPLICATIONS now. If you are not in a VA come join the friendly environment here at QjetVA.

Side note:Applications might run a little slow due to the system failures caused by Google so please PM us on this account and we will be back to you. This process might take longer than usual but we will get back to you with are responses.

Who is in charge? @QJetVirtual or @BazzarCoffee ?

They probably have a VA account shared by key staff.


QjetVA is ran by staff as @BazzarCoffee is his private account he made the thread.

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Well here is our new staff that has changed a lot:

Chief Executive Officer: @BazzarCoffee
Chief Operations Officer: @springtrap1515
Head of Partnerships: @AxisAngle1
Chief Recruitment Officer: @1ofthe3amegos
Chief Business Development Officer: @Gavin_Hertel
Chief Training Officer: @Cpt_Chris

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All staff positions have been fully approved by the message above and no more staff are being accepted. If you want to join QjetVA we recommend applying as a pilot cause we have lots of spaces for pilots and we would like to see you join are team of pilots.
QjetVA Staff and Managment

We have are first event up on the IFC. If you want to join it check it out in the link below! We hope you enjoy flying with us at QjetVA

Link:QjetVA Exploring The Nederlands ! @ EDDL - 11800ZDEC17

Best Regards,
QjetVA Staff

Please join are event cause it will be a ton of fun and we would love to see you there!

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