QJet Virtual Thread I An Airline of Distinction

Awesome work good sir, I will definitely consider joining!


Thank you we would be happy to have you!


ugh now everyone has livechat. jk, i wish you the best of luck.


I’ll bite, what on earth is this?! - Good luck Luke!


Yep, I guess so. ;) I believe it is practically essential, every business in the real world has live chats on their web.

[quote=“LouDon16, post:28, topic:125475”]
what on earth is this?!
[/quote] Scroll Up ^. :)

[quote=“LouDon16, post:28, topic:125475”]
I’ll bite,
[/quote] I don’t know what your meaning to say. Bite on what?


If anyone is looking for an active, professional VA, this is the one to join. I have recently joined and it is AMAZING! :)


Here is a wonderful ERJ QJet livery made by @LiamRAAF , one of our pilots. Thanks Liam, it looks great!


It would be amazing if that was actually added as a livery for the ERJ


Safe to say, It won’t ;)


Just finished the routes for QJet virtual.


##QJet Approaching 15 Members##

We are now proud to announce that we are approaching our 15th member since we started! We are currently on 12, but with 3-2 applications a day we are almost there.

We also, for any pilots who don’t know, have an event tomorrow, so go check it out if you like!


##Fly, fly, and more fly!##

All I can say… wow! Me and the whole of QJet have done a lot of flying today!

This morning we had a fun, and slightly crazy flight with some of our newest recruits!

And, this afternoon, we had an awesome landing competition event where many members of the VA flew in their shiny Cessna’s.

I hope all the pilots in and out of the VA had a great day. I definitely did!

Wanna join us? Wanna fly with fellow friends within our VA? We'd love to have you!


An Airline Of Distinction.


#Deputy President#

We are happy to announce that QJet has now reached 20 members!

Along with reaching 20 members, we are now looking for a new staff member, Deputy President.

The deputy president at QJet will have these responsibilities:

  • Manage all staff:
    Flight Logger
    Global Resources Manager
    Chief Training Officer

  • Form ideas that can improve pilot satisfaction.

  • Deputy President will be a part of the Board of Directors.

If you want to become this role, in a VA with 20+ active members, apply by sending an application to me.

Good luck! Applications close at 10:00Z.


Deputy President and New Members

We are very happy to announce that we have chosen @PSF_Zxnnxth for our Deputy President!

We have received about 20 applications that we did not get a response for. If this applies to please personally message me. Thanks for your time!


Events Executive for the Airline of Distinction

Greeting IFC,

Over the past week or so, the QJVA management team and I had been hard at work restructuring and overhauling systems here.

Today, I am announcing that we are opening the Events Executive postion that will be part of our management team here at QJet.

If getting creative and leading events is your passion, this position is just what you’re looking for!

To apply, you must have a TL2(member) IFC account. You should write up a short application on why we should choose you.

In your application, preferably, you should include:

  • Some background info about yourself
  • A brief summary of an event idea you came up with
  • Why do you want the Events Executive position
  • What you would bring to QJet
  • Any other details you would like us to know about you

PM me on the IFC or visit our website to send in your application. I look forward to receiving yours.

See you soon at QJet, the airline of distinction!

Thank you!

Yours truly,

Zenneth Elliot
Vice President, QJVA

Status: Taken


If you ever need help making an event. Make sure the check out Plane & Pilot Events. We would be happy to help:-)


Introducing QBank

Hi all,

Today, I am introducing a new flight system drafted by our own Flight Executive @IFGP_GROUP-Lewis along with the Presidential Team (@BazzarCoffee and @PSF_Zxnnxth) We had been hard at work perfecting the system and we think now is the perfect time to announce it to the VA.

So, as of this moment, ranks and aircraft are not related. Your flight hours account for both ranks and your QBank account. Your QBank balance can be used to buy any aircraft you want from the aircraft store.

You choose how you want to spend your QCash, whether you want to save up for a expensive aircraft you like, or just buy a cheaper aircraft. It’s all up to you.

Want to join in on our new Q Bank, simply just join us by sending an application on our website, http://qjva.weebly.com

We are also letting everyone in our VA fly and log any aircraft in our fleet until 23:00z today because of the aircraft limitation once Q Bank is fully operational at midnight BST

For any more information feel free to ask me (@IFGP_GROUP-Lewis)

Lewis Jones
QJVA Flight Executive


Partnering with IFATS!

We are very happy to announce that we are partnering with IFATS! This is how they describe themselves like this on their website:

The Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service, abbreviated as IFATS, has been providing the pilots of the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight with high quality verbal air traffic control services up to the real world standards of controlling since February 2017 and is proud to still be doing so. Please keep in mind, Infinite Flight Air Traffic Service is an open service and not a group.

If you would like to join please visit their website and join their Discord:
Website: http://ifats.weebly.com
Discord link: https://discord.gg/ZfNDaaW


New Events Manager

Please directly message me (@BazzarCoffee) to apply for this positon. Thanks!