QF9 • The Flight That Connected Two Never Before Connected Continents, In One Leap

Perth to London Heathrow

Beige I start, I actually flew this route on February 13, and I was saving it for the right time, and for some reason last night I decided I would post it today, so here it is, more than two months after I flew it.

Qantas 9, is a flight between the West Australian City of Perth, to London in the United Kingdom. Qantas 9s first flight was in 2017 (I think) and was the first time the continents of Australia and Europe could be connected in a single leap, instead of usual stop is in Singapore or the Middle East. QF9 spans an enormous 9,011 Miles and just under 14,500 Kilometers which makes it the third longest flight in the world. It is the longest flight in the world flown by a 787. The two longer flights are Auckland to Doha, in a Qatar 77L and Singapore to Newark in a Singapore A350. Qantas spent over a decade analyzing winds to find out the best possible flight plans for the monstrosity of a flight to operate smoothly. (That’s about as long as it seems since I flew this flight with everything that has happened since then). 4 pilots are needed for this flight, 2 flying and two resting due to its length. I took off just after 5PM Eastern Time, which was as the sun was rising in Perth (Remember this is in February so sunrise time has changed drastically) so I timed my arrival with mid afternoon in London, or in the late morning for me the next day.

Flight time was 17 hours and 4 minutes


QF9 Flight Details

Perth to London
Qantas 9 Heavy
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

🇦🇺 • 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Rotating out of Perth just after the Sunrises and the Orange Light reflects off the Dreamliners fuselage After only 3 minutes in the air we cross the Australian coast, Bound for Europe’s most famous city
High above the blue water of the Indian Ocean After hours over the Indian Ocean we overfly the coast of Sri Lanka Over the Middle-Eastern country of Oman Above Belgium as we get ready to descend into London The tilted gear go down 5 miles out in front of London’s clear, blue sky Touching down in London After more than 17 hours!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

This Route “The Kangaroo Route” Was Originally flown in 1947, How Many Stops Did It Make on its Way to London

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  • 4 Stops
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Even if you don’t like the photos maybe like it anyway because these are 17 hours I will never get back 😉😂


That last one though 🤩😍


No words, just breathtaking! Here is my favourite:


Dang, we really need Qantas’ new livery.

Awesome photos as always.


2018, but that’s so insane, it feels as if it’s been just month!

Incredible pictures too. One of your best topics ever and two absolutely stunning wing-views too. Just missing a picture of London beneath the right wing on approach to the 27s at LHR…

Nonetheless, fantastic topic, thanks for sharing!

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Amazing! I’ve been planning on doing this in the future. How much fuel did you have? I just wanted to ask someone who’s actually flown it. Great job!

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The second picture is one of the best I’ve ever seen from you, super well done and great pictures all around!

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Nice Photos! What photo editor do you use?

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Still an amazing as it always!

Haven’t seen you do a lot of ultra long flight like this, cool!


Loving the new title ;)

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Awesome shots mate, surprisingly I haven’t flown this route yet, I’ve mostly flown between London and Sydney nonstop. I’m definitely gonna attempt it soon.


Wow, those pictures are amazing. Nice job!!!

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Oh wow! These are just incredible (as always). The lighting is just perfect!

Awesome route too!

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That second picture is soooooo good, love it :)

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@NoahM… MaxSez: Great description of another world class go. Imagery first class. Time and effort noted. “Well Done”! BZ Hoist for you.


The gear tilt 😍👌. Awesome pics as always!

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@anon41771314 I’m happy you like the last one!

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk thanks a lot Kuba! I love crossing coasts around sunrise or sunset, it’s always amazing

Thanks @Ishrion! The livery is kinda messed up but it’s not awful

@KindaTartySliceOfPie sorry for the late response but I had full fuel I think, but I was pretty light and I step climbed

@Sashaz55 thanks a Lot! It’s one of my favorites too, I didn’t know why, I Just love it

@MJP_27 I use Snapseed and the default Apple editor

@LeonardIF18 it was my longest flight! I’m definitely gonna do more ultra long hauls and have an even longer one that flew yesterday that i can hopefully Post in the next week or so, not in June 😂

@Zach_inkling …thanks… ;D


@Qantas094 you definitely should fly it, it’s an awesome route!

Thanks a lot! @Shane and @Aero

@Maxmustang haha thanks Max, I’m happy the time I spent showed, it took a looooong time

@EpicNYC04 it’s magic, thanks Abdulla 😂

@Hymenopus_Coronatus thanks! I’m happy the lighting looks good and the route was cool too


@Suhas it’s one of my favorite titles too tbh 😜

@JulianB thanks Julian, I’ll change that to 2018! I almost had a London picture that just didn’t make the cut ;D

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