QF7879 London - Sydney Non-Stop

Project Sunrise | QF7879 London - Sydney Non-stop

I decided to attempt Qantas’ project sunrise flight numbered QF7879 from London Heathrow to Sydney Kingsford non-stop.

I completed the journey following the exact same route as the real world counterpart and passed through 11 different countries on a spectacular journey.

The flight took 18 hours and 36 minutes with a massive flight plan which is as follows:

BPK Q295 BRAIN M197 REDFA UL620 ARNEM UP147 RKN UL980 DLE L986 POVEL/N0488F350 DCT SUBIX DCT ABERO P851 RAVOK Z860 OGARA/K0896F350 Z860 TOBLO B365 BANIP/K0882F370 B365 DIGUS T568 OLUPI B365 GISUL G549 GOPAR G234 OSBOT/M085F370 G234 MGR B935 TITUR G111 ATBAN A95 KRG/K0892F370 M166 AGUSA/K0891S1128 M166 SARIN/K0891S1131 A368 TCH/K0884S1192 A368 FKG W192 ESDEX W191 DNC W565 XIXAN B330 KWE W181 DUDIT A599 POU/M085F391 B330 TAMOT/M085F390 B330 CH DCT GRUPA/M085F410 V5 SABNO A583 ZAM A461 BUTPA DCT 1327S13302E 1623S13516E 2040S13855E 2334S14129E 2633S14345E DCT PORIV DCT 3100S14643E DCT PKS H319 TARAL Y59 RIVET

QF7879 blasting out off Heathrow to begin a massive flight, flying over 11 different countries.

*The sun has begun to set as we are heading over China.


QF7879 on final, runway 34L at Sydney.

QF7879 seconds from touchdown in Sydney. We’ve made it!

Such an amazing flight, and one of the best adventures and flights that I’ve had on Infinite Flight. It truly shows the abilities of such an amazing flight simulator and this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of all the team at Infinite Flight.

Happy landings everyone!


My phone would explode 😂😂


When i saw you set off on this flight, i wasn’t too worried about you running out of fuel and not making it, I was more worried about your device overheating and app crashing…Nonetheless, what a fantastic achievement, with great shots to go alongside it! I should really try this flight sometime…


I was slightly panicking about fuel but goo dplanning and step climbing goes a long way!

Thanks for the kind words!


Very nice photos 🤩🤩 there amazing!

Thanks so much! I appreciate it.

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Nice photos! Must have been an enjoyable flight :)

Seems the duration was quite a bit less than the real life flight? I was actually tracking it landing into Sydney :)

Certainly was an enjoyable flight!

I think most phones protect against overcharge these days lol

Modern devices are actually pretty good at handling Infinite Flight when in low power mode. Heck the best power records I’ve gotten on my iPad have been when flying Infinite Flight when I got 18 hours on a single charge.
And overheating isn’t too much of an issue, I managed to keep it going for 54 hours by leaving it in low power mode and not touching the device except to check battery.

Nice pics , looking forward to trying this after school today 😀✈

It was a good flight I enjoyed this one I wish more people joined tho I was not concerned about fuel because it’s about speed management I also tracked the real flight I noticed that we were Infront as the real real flight was delayed by around 50min, I also noticed the real flight flew a slightly alternative route I like the Qantas livery also that and virgin Atlantic are my favourite liveries.

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My device… let’s just say I’d be getting visited by the FD…