QF609 Trip Report

I recently flew on flight QF609 on the 28th of July. The route is BNE-MEL (QF609). I went on this trip with my mum. This was the best aircraft I have ever been on. The flight was operated by the 787-9 Dreamliner which was amazing. They really outdid themselves on this aircraft.

At the Airport
We got an Uber to the airport and that was easy and simple. Once I got to the airport we had already checked In on our phones so we had electronic tickets but I still wanted one so I went to the check-in machines, scanned my boarding pass and printed my ticket. I didn’t have any checked baggage so that was easy. I went to security and realised that you don’t need a ticket to get into the domestic terminal at Brisbane Airport which amazed me! The terminal was modern, clean and full of friendly staff, so your general airport. We waited at the gate and waited to board. imageimageimage

on the plane
The aircraft was very impressive. It is was clean, smelled nice and had amazing legroom. Like I mean I could stretch out it and I am quite a tall fella. The IFE was amazing, it looked a bit like an iPad stuck to a seat. I discovered that there was a camera in the IFE, which had me baffled because why on earth would a camera be there, then I discovered seat to seat chat that had a video call feature! It was amazing! We departed BNE with the best view ever and continued onto Melbourne. Meal service came around and it was a breakfast box kind of thing. It had some cereal, chocolate bar, Pretzels and then a different cart came around for drinks and I had a Hot Chocolate which was perfect. I watched modern family and ate my pretzels and Tangfastics. There was some amazing views. Like breathtaking.
The landing was quite disappointing. I don’t know if it was just the wind but we landed quite hard. This might be normal I havn’t flown on a dreamliner before so I don’t know the reverse thrust noise and feel but it felt like they put the aircraft at %100 reverse thrust, it was like we where about to run off the runway, they really put the breaks on. The person behind me, there bag flew under my knees and into the seat in front of me and my bag went into the seat infront of me. I don’t know if this was just loose bags or something but it was an experience I will tell you that.

overall experience
I really enjoyed the Qantas Dreamliner and the joyful crew. I would definitely sit on this for 17 hours on the Perth to London flight, easy. The landing was hard but i can easily get over it! Out of 10 i would say 10/10

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


Great review man! Glad you had a mostly positive experience!
YMML runway 34/16 was operating on a reduced runway when you landed (still are I believe), so perhaps a harder landing to get all wheels planted quickly, coupled with high amount of rev thrust is due to that! :)


This was a very good trip report

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Ah yes thank you! that is most likely the reason, if it wasn’t for you i would of never known!

Thank you! i am glad you enjoyed it!

No problems my man! The 787 is ‘slightly’ heavier than the typical B738 or A320 that’d run that route, so would definitely been a bit harder because of it ;)

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You are one lucky person, I wish I could do that! Nice photos!

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Awesome…what a beautiful modern airport! Loves the in-flight pics too!!

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Thanks for sharing, can you build up an even bigger picture and tell us even more about your trip?

I bet you can, take a look at this for some inspiration.

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