QF15 Brisbane - LAX

Hi everybody! Just completed a flight that I have been wanting to do for a long time. Obviously long stretches over the ocean is not super interesting but there were still some great views. I was helped along by a handy tailwind too. My editing skills are a WIP so any feedback is appreciated.

Airline: Qantas
Aircraft: A330-300
Flight No: QF15
Flight time: 12 hours 22 minutes
Server: Training
Cruise altitude: FL330, FL370 & FL390
Cruise speed: Mach 0.82


Gear up!

Goodbye Brisbane!

Somewhere over the Pacific at 33000 feet.

Sunset over Hawaii

Approach into LAX

Turning onto Final


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Very cool pictures! Looks like a fun route.

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Nice, I love to do that route, can’t wait til brisbane is 3d or if it becomes 3d, will be a awesome 3d route and a go to for myself!


Just a qiuck question is there a refund when you cancel your subscription before it ends?

Btw 2 and 3 look amazing.


It’s a great little route. Just note that if you use the A330 you will need to bring a lot of fuel.

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Very nice! I will definitely be doing this flight once Brisbane becomes 3D.

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