QF145 (SYD-AKL) Review

Hey guys, I recently went to New Zealand for a holiday. (SYD-AKL / YSSY-NZAA)Over there I flew a Qantas 737-800 (Flight QF145). Here’s a review:


Was quick in terms of how many people there were on the flight (probably 98% full). We didn’t have to wait long till pushback commenced and we were on our way.


Wasn’t the best but could be some what justified due to the flight only being 2hr 30min long (which is really quick for trans Tasman). If I had it for longer than 4hrs it really would not be enjoyable. For adults with longer legs I can imagine the legroom would be horrible.


Was not too sensitive and the screen was a standard size so I ended up watching Netflix on my iPad (12.9 inch screen, way better than even in business)


If you ordered the food online Qantas gave you a HUGE selection of something like 15 meals, but onboard they served 3 choices to people who didn’t pre order their meals. I chose the Fruit Platter which was amazing and fresh:


Everything was fine for the short flight and recommend Qantas if you go in this flight sometime.


Dang nice fresh fruits u got there

I thought I’d link this in here, good if you wanna compare qantas 737 and air nz 320 the aircraft which operate the most trans Tasman routes. If you were considering flying trans Tasman.

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Nice! Simple but effective layout of how you did it! I like it…

OMG! KIWI FRUIT #jealous 😒😒😒😒

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Can we get some context into roughly how much legroom there is? How tall are you?

I’m roughly 160cm. And that was me sitting upright and putting my legs right against the edge of the seat

Are you kidding me? That legroom is


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They even had IFE? You probably shouldn’t complain because it was a 2:30 hour flight.

Your standards are set way too high for a 2:30 flight anyway

Trans Tasman flights tend to take 3hr 30min. This was a one off as usually you would be on their for another hour

Actually no it wasn’t, if I was in a relaxed and reclined position even my child knees would touch the seat in front of me

All other airlines have ife trans Tasman apart virgin Aus

Once i flew on a Qantas 737 to Singapore and thought it was fine. Maybe I just have low standards.

Hey - at least you weren’t flying Jetstar 😂
I have flown them a few times trans-tasman, would not recommend. Imagine the seat in front wasn’t there - your knees would be digging into the person in front’s back!

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You probably got a different seat config. If I were to go to Singapore I’d be on a Dreamliner! (Or similar)

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