QF10 - Hep!

Hi all.
I plan on recreating Qantas 10, which is a flight from London to Perth. Due to COVID, this flight hasn’t happened in a while. I’m curious to know.
How long is the flight?

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Around 17 hours


17:00 to 18:30 depending on the winds.

If you use FpltoIF.com it gives you a Flight plan and the expected flight time for the flight!

I thought that was 002. Or does 002 go to Sydney?

I had a flight time of just over 16 hours 😊

002 is to Sydney via Singapore

Anywhere from 15:30 to 17 hours, depending on winds.

I’ve done this flight last week.

QF10 London-Perth - 16:22
QF9 Perth-London - 16:55

I got 17:11 when I did QF9.

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I’m guessing it was down to the wind and its direction during cruise.

When I did QF10, by the time I was in unicom range to announce inbound, the winds changed compared to when I left Heathrow and I had to land on a different runway. 16+ hours more than enough time for the wind to change its mind! 😂

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