Qatari Virtual Presents: One Year In Doha

Our 1 Year Anniversary Event!

Based in Doha Hamad International Airport, Qatari Virtual is a fast growing virtual airline, that brings out the best in our pilots! Part of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance and having multiple codeshares, there are no limits at QRV!
We offer a friendly community, wide route network, and hard-working staff, helping to give our pilots the very best virtual airline career!

1 Year Of Operations at Doha Hamad

It’s been 1 year already! We really can’t believe how fast it’s flown by…
Below, you can find some of our highlights throughout our first year!

Key Event Timeline

1st August 2023 - Destination Doha
On the 1st of August, we held our very first community event! It was a huge success, which saw over 100 pilots fly into Doha in only a 20 minute window. It went down as one of the busiest events the IFC has ever seen!

24th August 2023 - Specialised Cargo Mode
This was a very special day for everyone at QRV. The release of our one-of-a-kind cargo mode (more information can be found on our thread). Our hand-crafted cargo challenges separate us out from other VAs, and provide our pilots of a realistic cargo experience like no other!

8th October 2023 - Formation Flight at Qatar Grand Prix
On the 8th October, we hosted our 3rd IFC event, back at Doha, celebrating the Qatar Grand Prix. A huge highlight of this event was the airshow over the airport, flown by our CEO, and 3 other incredibly skilled pilots. An event to remember.

Now - The current and evolving QRV
All the events previously, and many more which we didn’t mention, have all led to now. An incredible community, with 260+ active pilots, weekly events, a hard-working and strong staff team and a CEO that puts 110% into the VA. What a year it has been, and we thoroughly look forward to continuing on through 2024 and into 2025, and most importantly, soaring to new heights!

1 Year Stats

Stats as of April 7th

Pilots Enlisted PIREPs Filed Flight Time Most Active Pilot
276 7175 74994h11 @itsyourboyosare

Interested in Qatari Virtual?

  • Be at least 13 years old
  • Be able to communicate in English
  • Be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
  • Have a Discord and an Infinite Flight Community account
  • Not blacklisted by IFVARB


Airport: Doha Hamad International Airport - OTHH
Date and Time: 2024-04-27T14:00:00Z2024-04-27T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert

The goal of the event is create a massive wave of traffic by timing the 3 group flights to arrive at the same time!

Our first group flight will see us flying from the busiest airport in Europe, London Heathrow, where we will continue south, toward the Middle East!

Route: EGLL - OTHH
Flight Time: 6 Hours 20 Minutes
Departure Time: 2024-04-27T10:40:00Z
VAs Attending:


Boeing B77W

Airbus A380

Our Second group flight will see us departing Mumbai, and heading due west towards our destination, Doha!

Route: VABB - OTHH
Flight Time: 3 Hours 20 Minutes
Departure Time: 2024-04-27T13:40:00Z
VAs Attending:


Boeing B77W

Airbus A350


And finally, the last QRV group flight! The perfect flight if you have an hour to spare, a short hop from one Middle Eastern Mega Hub to another across the Persian Gulf!

Route: OMDB - OTHH
Flight Time: 50 Minutes
Departure Time: 2024-04-27T16:10:00Z
VAs Attending:


Boeing B77L


Boeing B787-8


QRV staff will be present for every group flight to ensure for a smooth ride!

- Please ensure you follow ATC instructions at ALL times
- Qatari Virtual are not responsible for any Level 1,2 or 3 violations you may receive
- Please behave responsibly, ATC will give violations!

Qatari Virtual - Wings To Adventure - Official 2023 Thread

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I might join, but if I do I will be flying American to KPHL

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Flying one of our many oneworld partners! Sounds great!

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Couldn’t pick a better Va to be apart of

Ryan | Qatari Virtual Event Coordinator


New VA - @FinnairVA

We are pleased to say that Finnair Virtual will be joining us from Dubai to Doha!
Finnair have been an incredibly supportive partner in our first year of operations, and it’s great to celebrate this occasion with them!


Excellent stuff @QatariVirtual! I will consider joining this 🤩

Happy 1 year anniversary in Doha! 🇶🇦

Kind regards,


CEO - TAROM Virtual


Thank you very much! We hope to see you there enjoying the fun!


Congratulations @QatariVirtual on your 1 year anniversary. Get ready to see me during the event.


New VA - @KoreanAirVirtual

We are delighted to say that Korean Air Virtual will be joining us from London and Mumbai to Doha!
We have been codeshare partners with Korean, and since then have hosted a multitude of internal events with them. See you there KEVA!


New VA - @IAGVirtual

We are delighted to say that IAG Virtual will be joining us from London to Doha!
We have been codeshare partners with IAG Virtual, and since then have hosted a multitude of internal events with them. See you there IAGVA!


What a successful year you guys have had, all the success to you and see you at the event!

Deputy President, IAG Virtual


New VA - @CathayPacificVA

We’re pleased to say that Cathay Pacific Virtual will be joining us from London and Mumbai to Doha!
We are both codeshare partners and Oneworld Virtual members with Cathay Pacific Virtual. We thank them for signing up and we’ll see them there!

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