Qatari Virtual Official Thread | 2023 | Qatar's Wings to Adventure

Salam Alaykum! Welcome to Qatari Virtual

We are thrilled to announce that Qatari Virtual is back in Infinite Flight and ready to soar to new heights!


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Welcome to Qatari Virtual! We are an Infinite Flight Virtual Airline inspired by Qatar Airways.

At Qatari Virtual, our purpose is to establish a Virtual Airline that fosters a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the Infinite Flight Community. Our core focus is to assist our pilots in enhancing their flying skills to a professional level, providing them with comprehensive resources and guidance along the way.

The vision of our Chief Executive Officer:

As the CEO of Qatari Virtual, I aim to create a close-knit community, organize captivating events, share the love for Qatar Airways, and forge partnerships with other virtual airlines. Together, we will soar to new heights, embracing the spirit of aviation and building a vibrant and inclusive virtual airline experience for all pilots. - @bumy

The staff team collaboratively ensures the airline’s success through decision-making, goal setting, pilot management, flight operation oversight, and route network expansion.

Executive Team

bumy | Chief Executive Officer
MANDELA | Chief Marketing Officer
Joel_Albert | Chief Operating Officer
BenjiTheBull | Chief Human Resources Officer

Staff Team

Baba | Marketing Manager
The_Kiwi | Training Manager
kyyrsr | Recruiter
Parsa | Recruiter
BallerEK | Recruiter
if.David | Flight Instructor
Myzmzmi | Event Coordinator
John_Ryan1 | Event Coordinator

Upon unlocking an aircraft in QRV, you gain access to all the available routes it offers. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to fly the featured routes, usually with aircraft types that you haven’t unlocked yet.

Ranks & Fleet

Cadet is earned when recruit passed the Entry Test.

Second Officer gets unlocked at 10 hours and with the completion of the Training I Test.

First Officer gets unlocked at 25 hours and with the completion of the Training II Test.

Captain gets unlocked at 100 hours and with the completion of the Training III Test.

Senior Captain gets unlocked at 250 hours and with the completion of the Training IV Test.

Cargo Challenges

Upon reaching 100 hours, you will be able to apply and undergo training for our unique Cargo Challenges mode.

Cargo Challenges
This mode operates like a career. After landing, your next takeoff must be from the same airport. You can tackle two challenges at once, each with its own rules. For example, Challenge A and Challenge B. The “last airport takeoff rule” only applies within each challenge. Imagine you have a separate aircraft for each challenge. It’s a bit tougher because of these rules.

Each Challenge
In each challenge, your task is to transport goods between specific airports. At each airport, you’ll find a delivery list with items to be delivered to other airports listed on the board.

Flexible Flights
Here, you need to plan your routes carefully to minimize flight time and distance. You’re free to choose any flight path and load any cargo type, allowing for creative solutions.

At QRV, we are always looking to expand our already large codeshare network.
Here are our current codeshares:

Exclusive Codeshares

We also offer exclusive non-virtual airline codeshares for pilots with 500+ hours. A list of these codeshares can be found below:

Srilankan Airlines
Kenya Airways

Embark on an exciting journey with us as we operate under the renowned hub and spoke model, just like Qatar Airways! When flying mainly Qatari you will always fly from or to Hamad International (OTHH) which is the main airport of Doha, Qatar.

Refer to yechengs’s guide to OTHH for a more in-depth introduction!

Introducing our Demand-based Multiplier System:

  1. Demand-based System: Each airport is assigned a demand value (multiplier) based on virtual passenger waiting.
  2. Earn Multipliers: Pilots can earn multipliers flying between Doha and specific airports.
  3. Dynamic Updates: Multiplier values regularly update to reflect changing demand.
  4. Explore & Earn: Pilots are encouraged to explore a variety of destinations, as flying to less frequently visited airports may provide bonuses.
  5. IFATC Schedule: Enjoy selected airports with high inbound traffic and ATC coverage.

Preview: Multiplier Map

Here’s a preview screenshot of the Multiplier Map showing the assigned multipliers for airports. Green means low, red means high. Gray dots indicate airports currently unavailable for the pilot based on his rank. The map can be accessed in our Crew Center.

Our map enables pilots to effortlessly discover new destinations to fly to, while simultaneously accumulating flight hours to attain higher ranks.

Interested in joining us?


Be at least 13 years old
Be able to communicate in English
Be at least Grade 3 in Infinite Flight
Have a Discord and an Infinite Flight Community account
Not blacklisted by IFVARB


Infinite Flight’s Qatari Virtual is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by the real world airline, Qatar Airways. All Qatar Airways logos are registered trademarks of Qatar Airways.


Beautiful thread! It’s a pleasure to be a part of Qatari Virtual!


Just applied :)


Beautiful thread, congrats on the approval too!


Congrats @bumy and I’m extremely happy for you! Very very nice looking thread you have there!


Your help during our approval is sincerely appreciated!

We’re grateful for your support as we strive to uphold high standards!

Thank you, Rick, for teaching me a lot during my time at Wizzair Virtual.

Chief Executive Officer


Very nice thread @QatariVirtual!!!


Huge congratulations guys, you have done an amazing job from day 1 until approved.

PS : The thing with multiplier look sick ;)


Thanks! Hope we will fly together soon!

Chief Executive Officer

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Grand opening event

QRV will be holding its first internal event on sunday the 21st at 1600z! We will be flying from Doha to Karachi in the Airbus A321-200. Become a pilot now and receive a special 3x multiplier during the event helping you kickstart your Qatari Virtual career.

Check out the #events channel in the discord server to join the event.

Apply to join our VA here: Qatari Virtual Pilot Application

Chief Marketing Officer

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I Applied :) .


I applied yesterday. Can’t wait to get the results. I’m so excited for this new experience.


I applied a few days ago, hopefully i get in soon


Looking forward to Qatari Virtual in 2023! Hope you guys will do better in the future and make Infinite Flight a better place!

Best Regards,
Billie Zhu
Head of EA | Carglux Virtual


@XDTwix50k and @Alaska_298_super_YT I am currently on vacation but I will be adding you probably today in the evening!

Thanks for your patience,
Bumy, Qatari Virtual CEO


Just applied! When can i recieve a message from you?

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I’m so exited will I be able to y as a official Qatar virtual
Pilot once I am accepted

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Will take around a 3-4 hours to send out the invites.


Frequent Flyers Recognition

We at Qatari Virtual would like to congratulate the following pilots for being the first to obtain the “Ruby Award” rank by logging 500 hours of flight time in our Crew Center.

@Kabinet completed 34 flights in 25 days with an average flight time of 14 hours and 45 minutes.

@itsyourboyosare completed 32 flights in 22 days with an average flight time of almost 16 hours.

We thank you for your utmost dedication towards Qatari Virtual!

Social Media Manager


Congratulations to both of you! Thanks for your dedication! 🎉

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