Qatari A350 Long journey

Finally made my newest flight record I though the flight would take about 16hours until the winds push me up then 15hours and the qatar a350 is one of my favorites and doing a popular long haul flights to one busy ATC airport is good to do with a good aircraft
Flight Time:15:21
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 (Qatar Airways)

Departure out of Doha

Flying over Galin

Sunrise over Azerbaijan

Leaving Norway Into the Arctic Ocean Hours later…

The north a Greenland

Nighttime again in Northern Canada

Descending over Inyokern

KLAX Turning

SunShot on Final

Not a perfect landing but atleast I made it without any interruption in my phone and game crashing heh


And yes I did lower graphics, plane count and restarted before flying


Awesome photos ! And idk if you noticed but we took off and flew next to each other the whole flight. (I was Qatari 77 Heavy , i flew to San Diego)

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Ya I think I saw you and @NationofAviation going out of Doha to the west coast

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Awesome pics @GameBoy_KIRB, the Qatar livery fit with the A359, keep it up! 👍

@AlphaSeven, this one is for you. ;)

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Thanks! The Qatar livery is also one my favorites out of the Middle East airline liverys

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Woah! The aircraft looks matte! Beautiful pictures mate!


Good one the sun shine it’s beauty

Man… Those are great, really like it!

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I like the descending one the most, but all of them are great! :)

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Thanks the descending one is like I want to be bright during the crack of dawn

Hey did you use a colour editing app? These shots just really stood out to me. I mean great shots, but maaaan, something happened, I think 🧐

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I did edit (From google photos) the photos to stand out as the scenary

Ah ok

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