Qatari 777LR

The Middle East has some amazing Sunsets. Here I’m coming in for landing at Doha’s, Hamad Intl.

Banking right to line up for final approach, runway 34R

Gear down!

Hamad international tower, Qatari 011 India golf is on final!

Flight No: QR921
Callsign: 011IG/IAGVirtual
Aircraft: Qatar Airways B772LR
Departure: 23L
Arrival: 34R
Altitude: FL340; FL400
Flight time: 16hrs49m
Server: Expert



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WOW! Was it Butter? I don’t mind, but I’m curious

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Thank you 🤩

Slightly off the centre line but definitely a smooth touch down. Will have a YouTube account set up shortly so I can post my landings 🤩

How to get YouTube account?

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If you have an gmail, normally it’s normally considered as a YTB account, you just need to create a chance by going on ytb and clicking on your icon.

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You know, I use the YouTube app all the time and never realised it was connected to my Google account haha. Thanks for that 👌🏼