Qatar VS Etihad VS Emirates! Big Comparison

Hello everyone,
I created this post to know your opinion about these 3 airlines, which one is the best? ( best in service,ground service,airport check in, airport fluidity, business class cabin/first class cabin/economy class cabin) . Please give me some proper exemple and arguments ! Which one is the best for you?
Let’s go

You haven’t really included your opinion on the topic… tell your opinion when making a post requesting for other’s opinions :)


It’s a question i just tested Etihad Airways not Qatar not Emirates

So I’ve only flown with Etihad and the pricing and the seats are amazing, IFE is great as well. The service on board is average and the airport itself isn’t great. They have smoking rooms along the gates and when a door is opened all the smoke floods into the terminal, its horrible. However, they are currently building a huge midfield terminal which I imagine will be incredible.

Friends and family have flown with Qatar and there are mixed reviews. They have been voted as the best airline for 2017 I believe - correct me if I’m wrong.

I cannot comment on Emirates but from what I’ve seen in pictures, all their cabins look tacky and outdated.

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I’m not going to create an opinion without testing Emirates and Qatar but anyway if i look a little bit all the trip reports in youtube etc …! If we take for exemple all A380 pf Qatar Emirates and Etihad, in seat case the best business class comfort is from etihad Airways Busienss studio. The economy class surely Emirates with big IFE and large choice of games …! Ground service surely Doha Hamad Airport for their amazing business class lounge and surely their fast economy class check in! Hmm’ dining it’s hard. These 3 company provide very good meal in Economy class. In business class looks like Etihad is better with their remarkable menu and large choice of sandwich catering…! But Emirates provide more drinks, champaign than Qatar and Etihad. That’s my opinion

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Qatar is the best. Need I say more!

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Thanks for your amazing exemples ! 😂

I had the pleasure to read your text ! It’s good to see that you appreciated Etihad like me! Qatar looks excellent too :)

I can only say for Qatar and Emarites, haven’t been on Etihad. Both Qatar and Emarites are amazing airlines, but between them, I would say Emarites.

I really want to try Qatar, they look incredible

Me too it looks incredible!

I had the pleasure to read your little text! Good to see different opinions from each other! Hope that i can try Emirates,Qatar or both one day ! Thanks :)

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I think you can find some opinions here

Anyway, I flew Qatar and Emirates and found Qatar to be nice, but Emirates is just that step above with the amazing ICE entertainment, the hot towels and the large seatback monitors.


I had the pleasure to read your comment thank you! And thank you too for these opinions that you shared !
Cheers ! :)

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Have been on all of those, Etihad A320, Emirates 777 (Old, Middle and new) and Qatar 77W and 787

Etihad:- Amazing But Wayy overpriced+ Average Airport, Food was Delicious, Entertainment was good, Rate 8/10

Emirates:- uncomfortable seat, Avg entertainment, , Bad Food and Crew, Bad Airport (Except Concourse D), overwhelmingly Expensive, Rate:- 2.5/10

Qatar:- Great seats!(Not much on the 787) Amazing Entertainment, Great food and Crew, Good Airport, Rate:- 8.5/10


Emirates all the way

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Was that the emirates a380

Thanks for all these exemples! Little bit choked about Emirates but that’s your opinion! Thank you i had the pleasure to read your text

I flew an a380, 2 77W’s and a 777-200LR.

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Ahah you mean that you love emirates ! Another Emirates Fan aha !

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