Qatar Virtual Thread | Going Places Together

Yes sire we sure do use discord! Cant wait to have you at QRV:)

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Thanks Felix! Glad to see Jet Airways Virtual too! Also all the very best for you’re future!

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If i have grade 2 can i go in your VA?

I can get to grade 3 but I don’t have enough landings (32 landings).

I’m sorry bud @LizzArd but we only accept grade 3 pilots. And grade three isn’t that far. You’ll get their soon. Just apply to us the very first day you get into grade 3 and our HRM will be with you in some time;)
Sharan Somayaji

I’ll get grade 3 and send you a application

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i’ll get level 3 viocinaton and me grade 2 for a week

That’ll be noice! Cant wait to have you with us @LizzArd :)

Only 1 week and i can fly with you!

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Viocination removed