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‘Going Places Together’

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Even though Qatar Airways Virtual is one of the newest Virtual Airlines to join the VA/VO community, we still pride ourselves on delivering one of the most prestige Virtual Airline experiences. It’s one of the highest honours to be leading this great community filled to the brim with energy, dedication and passion. Since its founding in October of 2019, we continue to grow and push the boundaries every day continuing the legacy we started late last year.
In saying this, I welcome you to Qatar Airways Virtual.

Luke Louw
Chairman & President of Qatar Airways Virtual

Qatar Airways Virtual began with a small group of people, and soon after, I began the IFVARB certification process. With over 5 people joining in just the first week as staff, we quickly grew and had huge ambitions. After a month or so, I decided to step down from my duties as the President of Qatar Virtual, and know it will do great under the leadership of our new President, Luke.

Global Flyer1
Founder of Qatar Airways Virtual

From the closure of the previous Qatar Virtual, it’d sparked an idea up in our heads. Global, Hamza and I had immediately begun work on creating a strong, dedicated and professional environment which would later flourish into the new Qatar Airways Virtual Airline we all know and love.

From the formation & creation of this marvellous community, we re-built, re-structured and re-furbished a Virtual Airline which would be preserved and will hopefully see mounds of success for years to come. We all had our highs, lows and challenges upon challenge, but with some elbow grease and a bit of hard work, we were able to produce a professional Virtual Airline as well as to assist in setting a good example for others to come.
This isn’t the end of Our Story, but that’s all we have, for now, our story is currently writing itself and we’ll consistently update this thread to keep our story up to date.

We have a large array of things on offer ranging from our brand new state of the art technological systems such as QatarV Hub. We continue to design & create fresh, new events for our pilots to enjoy. We are backed up by our hardworking & dedicated Leadership Team, who are consistently working around the clock to provide a great experience for you. We continue to strive and improve ourselves upon providing the best possible pilot experience for you. Qatar Virtual is backed by a community full of knowledgeable members. A large sum of those members are IFATC qualified, Infinite Flight Airport Editors and much more, every question asked is always going to be a question answered.

We feature many new and improved technological systems including our innovative QatarV Hub Crew Centre, Website, Slack Workspace and much more!

We offer an extensive fleet of over 65 aircraft (including codeshares), a huge routes network of over 1,300 routes to choose from, we fly to all 6 inhabited continents and to top it all off we have over 20 codeshare databases to pick and choose from. The best part of it all is, we’re just getting started!

Welcome to Qatar Airways Virtual Airline. Founded in August of 2019, we began as a small group of community members. We all had individual talents, skills but we shared a fixed mindset on one goal, to create Qatar Airways Virtual Airline which would last for years to come.

Based on the real-world sensation of Qatar Airways, we are a family of mature and professional community members who all unite in sharing a similar passion.

We may be a new Virtual Airline but our spirit and passion flow faster than ever! We hope to become one of the Leading Virtual Airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. We will do this by setting a foundation with a leading example for others to follow, incorporating years of knowledge, experience & passion into vibrant and efficient technological facilities for all pilots & members to utilise.

To run a Virtual Airline of this scale takes time, effort and a lot of hard work. We pride ourselves on running a dynamic & efficient Leadership Team who are worth being recognised for their hours on end of hard work.

Please take your time to read through the various roles of individuals who help maintain our Virtual Airline and who continuously provide a great experience for our members.

Senior Leadership Team

President & Owner | L. Louw

Vice-President | H. Nawaz

Operations Leadership Team

Human Resources Manager | A. Kocsis

Flight-Operations | R. Khairan

At Qatar Airways Virtual, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering a second to none pilots experience. A huge factor of this experience is the routes and destinations to fly to. Henceforth, we are pleased to say and present a vast database filled with exotic places to fly to. We feature an extensive database containing an ever-growing routes network of over 1,300 routes, we fly to all six inhabitable continents as well as offering over 20 codeshare databases to explore. The best part of it all is that the base of our route is continuing to grow, we consistently produce monthly routes updates based on real-life networks, partnerships, code-share agreements and much more. We consistently provide Routes of the Week, based on the IFATC schedule to give pilots the chance to expereince new destinations.


Not only this but we store this easily accessible database via our slack and our brand new Crew Centre (QatarV Hub). We consistently strive to keep up with new technologies, our new innovative Crew Centre features a bidding system, extensive routes database, Air-Mail, Online Events systems and much more.

Our Ranks
Rank Hours Aircraft Code-shares
Oryx Second Officer 0 A320 BA:​ A321,​​ Q400, VY: ​A321, A319, JB: ​E190, PG: ​A320, Dash-8, AT:​ E190, Dash-8, BP: ​E170, Dash-8, ME: ​A320, UL:​ A320, A321, 6E: ​A321, WY:​ E175, IB: ​Dash-8, LA: ​A321, A319, S7: ​A321, E170, IG: ​A320, E190, AY:​ E190, Dash-8
Oryx First Officer 20 A319 BA:​ A320, A319, VH:​ A320, JB:​ A320, PG: ​A319, AT: ​B738, 6E:​ A320, ME:​ A320, S7: ​A319, B738, IB: ​CRJX, A320, JL: ​B738, LA:​ A320, IG: ​B737, B738, AT: ​B738
Oryx Senior First Officer 50 A321 BA: ​B738, UL: ​A333, IB: ​A333, WY: ​B738, GOL: ​B738, ME: ​A333, JL: ​B738
Oryx Captain 100 A330, A340, A33F MH: ​B738, A333, LA: ​B767, JL: ​B767, B787-8, CX: ​A333
Oryx Senior Captain 150 B788, B772 AT: ​B788-8, JL: ​B787-9
Oryx Fleet Captain 200 B789, B77F, B77L BA: ​B787-9, JL: ​B777-200ER
Oryx Commander 250 A380, B74F CX: ​B77W, MH: ​A350-900
Oryx Chief Pilot 300 B773, A359 CX: ​A350-900, JL: ​A350-900

We strive on providing an extensive mainline and codeshare fleet, with an ever-growing database, we continue to adopt more aircraft & routes into our fleet. We hope to have one of the largest fleets in Infinite Flight

We strive to operate a young mainline fleet with an average of 5 years

Passenger Operations

bullets Airbus A320 Family

  • In our passenger operations, we use 3 members of this family: Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Airbus A321. Although they are used on some long hauls due to their range, the majority of these aircraft are used to fly short-haul routes around the middle east, Eastern Europe and India.

bullets Airbus A330-300

  • A long haul aircraft primarily serving Asian and European destinations. This aircraft can carry passengers up to 6300nm to some of the most exotic destinations on earth.

bullets Airbus A340-600

  • With one of the longest ranges of any modern aircraft, the A340-600 and it’s iconic 4 engines; the A340 is truly a marvel of engineering. Having retired our last A340 in 2019, being replaced by much more efficient A350’s, the A340-600 is now a part of our Qatar Heritage programme, flying highlighted routes from its time in the skies. ​

bullets Airbus A350-900

  • The Airbus A350-900 is one of the newest additions to our fleet. It’s one of the most efficient & environmentally friendly aircraft on the market today. Its purpose is to serve long-haul routes such as Doha-Adelaide, Sydney and much more. It takes its spot as one of the crowning jewels in our modern fleet.

bullets Airbus A380-800

  • Transporting over 500 passengers to all corners of the world, we have 8 A380-800’s in our fleet carrying travellers up to 8200nm. Unfortunately, the new Queen of the Skies is set to be retired from our fleet to maximise efficiency, despite only joining our fleet in 2014 by 2024 all 8 of these aircraft will be replaced by Boeing 777X and Airbus a350’s.

bullets Boeing 777 Family

  • We operate 2 variations of the Boeing 777 family, Boeing 777-200LR and the Boeing 777-300ER. The Boeing 777 family is the powerhouse of our fleet, with high utilisation on short-haul routes and ultra-long hauls. Required Rank: Boeing 777-200LR Oryx Senior First Officer, Boeing 777-300ER Oryx Captain*

bullets Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

  • The Dreamliner is the crown jewel of our fleet; sleek, modern and efficient. The Dreamliner can fly to a maximum of 7400nm, mainly used on medium to long haul routes in our network. Required rank: Oryx Captain*
Cargo Operations

bullets Airbus A330-200F
Required rank: Oryx First Officer

bullets Boeing 747-8F
Required rank: Oryx Senior Capatin

bullets Boeing 777-200F
Required rank: Oryx Senior First Officer

QatarV Executive

bullets Airbus A318
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

bullets Bombardier CRJ-200
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

bullets Cessna Citation X
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

Future Fleet

bullets Boeing 787-9
*Qatar Airways has officially taken delivery of its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners. The Boeing 789 is used alongside our B788, however, with the extended seats in the B789, we’re able to utilise it on busier route networks.

Please take note, we’re currently still finishing the final touches of our codeshare databases, we plan on expanding these vastly shortly. We will be adding more codeshare to the higher ranks very soon.

Our Application Process

Application Requirements:

  • All applicants must meet the minimum age of 13 or older
  • Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription
  • Must have access to the Slack platform
  • Must be grade 3 to have access to Expert Server
  • Must not have a violation of landings ratio of more than 50%

We’re always on the move and looking for more pilots to join the ranks among us. However, to maintain a high standard of flying, controlling & maturity, we require all pilots to complete the application process.

Once a candidate has completed application form, a member of the Recruitment team will contact via email or IFC regarding your application. Please allow up to 48hrs for all initial applications to be processed. Once a member of recruitment has reviewed your application, you’ll sit our Pilots Entrance Exam.

The Pilot Entrance Exam (PEX) will feature a total of 25 questions, you will be allocated 15 minutes to complete the exam. The exam contains basic, general and advanced knowledge about piloting, airman-ship and the usage of ATC.
Depending on your score, you may be eligible to partake in the Qatar Virtual Cadet Program. In which after successful completion, you’ll be granted a position as a Second Officer on board the Airbus A320 family as well as the designated code-shares.

Please avoid applying multiple times, if you have any doubts please contact us via our email or IFC account.

  • Virtual Cathay Pacific takes you from Hong Kong to Perth, Cairns, Seoul, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo Narita. They provide an array of destinations all across Asia and the rest of the world. We’re very proud of our partnership and can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Thread Details/Disclaimer
  • Full credit to @ShadowOutlaw for designing and making these graphics.
  • Full Credit to @AviatorDan for creating that amazing QRV Promotional video

Qatar Airways Virtual is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by the Qatar Airways Group, Company, Q.C.S.C, Qatar Airways or the Government of Qatar. We are a not for profit Virtual Airline for the Infinite Flight Simulator (Copyright Infinite Flight LLC). You may find the real Qatar Airways website here.

We find Slack is a reliable platform of communication between fellow members and staff, great for hosting events and much more.


Qatar Airways Virtual 2020 ©

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Beautiful thread I’m so glad to be apart of this wonderful VA.


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Thank you very much for the compliments, we worked extremely hard on this thread!!

Kindest Regards,

Luke Louw
Owner & President of Qatar Airways Virtual


Incredible Thread! Wishing Qatar Virtual all the best!


Thank you so much @ShadowOutlaw for designing these incredible logos!

Kindest Regards,

Luke Louw
Owner & President of Qatar Airways Virtual


Glad to be back, nearly 4 months of hard work finally paid off!!


Luke Louw
Owner & President of Qatar Airways Virtual


Amazing thread! Congrats on your approval😃

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It’s great to see Qatar Virtual soaring high in the skies once again! Keep up the good work.


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Hello everyone,
We’ve made a bit of a mistake with the application form, we accidentally made a trick question asking if you’re in good standing with the IFVARB and have you been banned on the IFC. This has now been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience, if you have applied don’t worry, if you’re doing so now just re-load the form and it should be gone.
Thank you to those for bringing this up to us and again we’re sorry for any inconvenience.

Kindest Regards,

Qatar Airways Virtual Human Resources Department


What a beautiful thread!

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Incredible thread! Best of luck!

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Thank you @Ramzi_Khairan, @Vinne, @ran, @BravoCharlie, @ThomasThePro, @Manav_Suri, @king_ps09 and @Kacey for the kind words!!

See you in the skies,

Qatar Airways Virtual Leadership Team


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