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New Crewcentre: QatarV Hub

QatarV Hub is Qatar Virtual’s brand new crew centre to accompany our new website. But what is so important about a crew centre? Isn’t it just somewhere to log flights?

Well… Yes… at the most basic function.
But we believe it can be so much more than that. At Qatar Virtual self discovery is key to almost everything we do, from our training programme for new pilots all the way up to our commanders. We cannot talk about the value of learning enough. QatarV Hub facilitates this learning, from downloading aircraft operating manuals to reaching out for help from more senior pilots using Air Mail, without a functional Crew Centre our way of operating would not be how it is today, and our VA would be completely different.

QatarV Hub allows pilots to experience that extra professionalism, rather than simply filling in a manual form or submitting a screenshot, our pilots get an interactive experience when searching for and submitting flight reports.

The system also helps our pilots keep up to date with whats happening in our VA, we understand Pilots may miss announcements on slack channels, that is why we also use an EVENTS and MAIL module, so pilots can rest easy knowing, they won’t miss a thing.

Credit to Leonardo for creating the iCrew LITE skin.

We are also excited to have been accepted into the Oneworld Virtual Alliance

Qatar Virtual is now a member of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance, and coming with this exciting news is the addition of codeshare routes operated by the newly refurbished Cathay Pacific Virtual.
We are excited to let Oneworld take us to new and innovative places and look forward to working with all our new partners.



Welcome to our new Executive Advisor

It is with great pleasure today that we can announce @Mika as our new Executive Advisor, his duties are to work with the executive team to ensure smooth operations at Qatar Virtual and the effective working of new policies and changes.

Mika is a great addition to our team, unfortunately Mika recently had to close his own VA but we are grateful he has chosen to join our team and we cannot wait to work with him.

Welcome on board!



What’s in a website?

Well, if you ask us A LOT

Which is why we upgraded all of our online services recently, including updating our domain.
Now you can find us at

If you want to know more about our online services for pilots you can read all about it here


That’s a shame. Hopefully you can get it back soon and we will see you in a QRV callsign, maybe even an A350 shortly 😉

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Meet Your Qatar Virtual Staff Team

We are currently undergoing a staff restructure…

Meet 4 of your Qatar Virtual staff

bitmoji1899921302 Image%20from%20iOS%20(1) Image%20from%20iOS Jack
Meet @Ozzy , @Mika, @Jake_Savage and @Jack_BC .
Oscar is one of our Events Co-Ordinators, Mika is our Executive Advisor, Jake is our CEO and Jack is our brand new Chief Pilot.
A Piper PA28 pilot in real life, we’re sure he will be an amazing addition to our team.


Hi! I have some questions;

  • Do I need to have an active Live Subscription to be in QatarV?
  • Is there going to be a test to sign up?
    Thanks for any reply!

Yes there is a test to determine if you’ll make it or not.
I believe an active Live Subscription is required (or else how are you going to fly Qatar Virtual routes?)

Because I don’t want to pay every month for Live. For me, I pay every second month. So that’s why I’m asking if I need an active subscription all the time…

Hi @AlphaSeven

There is a written test to be accepted, you have to score 60% or more to be accepted. You have 2 attempts per application. (After 2 attempts you have to unfortunately wait 2 weeks before trying again, this is so we don’t get bombarded with applications and to allow us to provide interactions and welcome all pilots without a backlog of applicants)

You also have to fly all routes on live, we require 1 flight every 3 weeks. If you only have live every 2 months you can apply and every 2 months request a leave of absence. There are terms to this and all can found within our Standard Operating Procedures from essentially you have to have equal time active per leave so you would be able to do a month leave every 2 months. We just require you to request LOA so we can mark it on our records in case we hold an activity check.

Hope this helps, if you have any more concerns drop me a PM or email either or and we can help you out more.



Thanks a lot for the reply!

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So just to double check, I need to send a PM to you every time I ask for a leave? If I forget, what happens?

Not a PM. There is a form on our crew centre for you to fill in. If you forget you will receive a warning email when we notice you are inactive and then you can remind us :)

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Alright, seems simple! Once again, thanks for the reply!

Sorry for being so annoying, but one more question, do I have to use the QatarV callsign every time? Because I would like to have the freedom to use my own callsign when not flying a Qatar airways flight/plane.

You must use a QRV callsign when flying a route you intend to log

Ok, makes sense. It’s been about 40 minutes but I still haven’t got any email to do the test. I got the initial email already, but I haven’t got the second one

We have to create an exam account for you manually and our team are all volunteers so can not commit to the airline 24/7. Please allow UP TO 24 hours for a response.

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Hi, I’m happy and proud to be a part of Qatar Virtual!

You can now read all about our history

While we are always looking forward to improve ourselves and drive the virtual airline market forwards, we are quite proud of our beginnings. You can now share our pride reading all about our developing story on our website at



An Explanation

Firstly, we owe an explanation. To many pilots who have chosen to leave us over the last week and especially to those who decided to stay. We recently encountered an issue with our social media accounts being closed, in the best interest of the VA and to protect the staff team; I chose to remove all our online presence until this issue was resolved. This issue is now resolved and we are open for operations again, with big plans for a comeback.


We also are looking for new staff to join our team. If you are interested in any of the positions below, please DM @Jake_Savage with a brief paragraph explaining why you are suited for the position (500 character minimum).

Recruitment Officer
Pilot Manager