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Hi @Starz_Flyz

We were approved yesterday but before approval we worked with a team to iron our some bumps in our operation.


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Awesome, I’ll be joining some VAs as of the end of march, this is definitely making it on my list.


Hello, I am from China, i want to do Qatar virtual flight, but you are one step ahead, i was very sad, can you let me become the management of your China branch?

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Hello, I’m not sure what you mean here. Please PM either myself or @Jake_Savage and we’ll be able to sort something out for you. Cheers.

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Hi, I got accepted, but I dont have access to Slack at the moment, but i will join when I get the chance. :)

Hi @Fanykor

Firstly, welcome to our forums; I hope you enjoy the community you are now a part of and it enhances your IF experience.

Regional managers is not something we are currently looking to utilise, when we get a larger pilot base we may decide to hire regional/area managers to manage pilots within their jurisdiction; however, these will be hired from our current pool of pilots.

All available spaces will always be filled internally by pilots already in our system, so I encourage you to join and who knows where that may take you…




This is a short post from me to thank the IFC for the great reception we received. Above in our mission statement I said I’d like us to have 20 pilots by December and 50 by August 2020. Well we have already achieved 30!

Thank you for supporting us, welcoming us and joining us. Your support means a lot to us and is what makes us great!

Thank you


Professional-looking Virtual Airline. Best of luck with everything!


No problem. I’ll join you

I can’t find the links of the registered pilots. Can you send them to me,thank you

Hi, to join head to and click “Join Us” :D

thank you,but I only found the requirements for registration in the join us, but could not find the entry for registration. I have clicked join us several times

Ive just looked on the website and there appears to be no issues accessing the form: see image…

We Are Launching Our Instagram

Why not head over and follow us? It might not look like much now but we will be hosting giveaways, events and much more.

Qatar Virtual Instagram



I don’t know why I still can’t register

I still can’t register the pilot, can you help me to register,thank you

Hi @Fanykor,
May i know if you are accessing the site via your phone or on pc?

on the phone

Maybe you can try scrolling to the top of the tread and there will be a ‘Join Us’ link click on that and let me know how it goes :)

I have been inside, but only the minimum age of registered pilot, pilot rating and BBS account number can be seen inside, and there is no place to fill in the email and name