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Qatar Virtual was founded by Jake Savage on 21 April 2019
Although it wasn’t quite that simple, Qatar Virtual was a mere 10 days from their application process running out of time when we were picked up by an IFVARB group. Since then we have grown as a VA and a community offering a friendly and lively slack channel.

We run an efficient hub and spoke model out of our middle eastern hub, Hamad Airport, sitting at sea level on reclaimed land East of the suburban centre of Doha, Qatar’s capital.

This isn’t the end of Our Story, but that’s all we have for now, our story is currently writing itself and we will update this thread regularly to keep our story up to date.

Mission Statement
By December 2019 we hope to have a community of 20 active members, rising to 50 by August the following year. We want to become a leader in the VA market and a pioneer of the industry, we aim to revolutionise Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight. Our core values express what we believe to be crucial to being a responsible VA and community, making clear our standards and what pilots can expect from us as an operator.


Our Management Team

The Management Team is split into two teams, the Executive Team and the Leadership Team, more about how they are appointed can be found in our Standard Operating Procedures document.

Senior Leadership Team

bullets Jake Savage
Chief Executive Officer
I’m from the mighty county of Yorkshire, UK. Living near Leeds-Bradford Airport and Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (my nearest Qatar destination is Manchester). I don’t claim to be an excellent pilot, we all make mistakes but I am what you would call an aviation enthusiast.

bullets Jordan Gomez
Chief Operations Officer
Hello! I’m Jordan Gomez aka NationOfAviation. I have a huge interest in aviation and all things related to transport in general. I enjoy playing Infinite Flight and spend most of my free time flying. Other hobbies include playing Football (Soccer), Travelling and going on my PS4. I’m a huge Manchester United fan and prefer Airbus to Boeing. I’m on the forum almost everyday and enjoy contributing towards it. If you would like to have a chat about anything, dont hesitate to shoot me a PM.

bulletsMika Bontes
Executive Advisor
Hi, I’m Mika. I’m 16 years old and live in the Netherlands! I play Infinite Flight since July 16th, 2013. I love to fly - real life and Infinite Flight - but who doesn’t when you’re playing Infinite Flight :) My favorite planes are the A350 and the B787.

Middle Leadership Team

bullets VACANT
Flight Manager

bullets VACANT
Chief Pilot

bullets Sean Zhang
Media Manager

Support Team

bullets VACANT
Recrutment Officer

bullets Louie P & Oscar W
Events Team
email: or

Our Team are always available to help you and we aim to always have a member of management online to assist you.

Qatar operate one of the youngest fleets in the skies, with an average age of 5 years

Passenger Operations

bullets Airbus A320 Family
In our passenger operations, we use 3 members of this family: Airbus A319, Airbus A320 and Airbus A321. Although they are used on some long hauls due to their range, the majority of these aircraft are used to fly short haul routes around the middle east, Eastern Europe and India. ​Required Rank: Oryx Second Officer

bullets Airbus A330-300
A long haul aircraft primarily serving Asian and European destinations. This aircraft can carry passengers up to 6300nm to some of the most exotic destinations on earth. Required Rank: Oryx First Officer

bullets Airbus A340-600
*With one of the longest ranges of any modern aircraft, the A340-600 and it’s iconic 4 engines; the A340 is truly a marvel of engineering. Having retired our last A340 in 2019, being replaced by much more efficient A350’s, the A340-600 is now a part of our Qatar Heritage programme, flying highlighted routes from it’s time in the skies. ​Required Rank: Oryx Commander

bullets Airbus A380-800
Transporting over 500 passengers to all corners of the world, we have 8 A380-800’s in our fleet carrying travellers up to 8200nm. Unfortunately the new Queen of the Skies is set to be retired form our fleet to maximise efficiency, despite only joining our fleet in 2014 by 2024 all 8 of these aircraft will be replaced by Boeing 777X and Airbus a350’s. Required Rank: Oryx Commander

bullets Boeing 777 Family
We operate 2 variations of the Boeing 777 family, Boeing 777-200LR and the Boeing 777-300ER. The Boeing 777 family is the powerhouse of our fleet, with high utilisation on short haul routes and ultra-long hauls. Required Rank: Boeing 777-200LR Oryx Senior First Officer, Boeing 777-300ER Oryx Captain

bullets Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner
The Dreamliner is the crown jewel of our fleet; sleek, modern and efficient. The Dreamliner can fly to a maximum of 7400nm, mainly used on medium to long haul routes in our network. Required rank: Oryx Captain

Cargo Operations

bullets Airbus A330-200F
Required rank: Oryx First Officer

bullets Boeing 747-8F
Required rank: Oryx Commander

bullets Boeing 777-200F
Required rank: Oryx Senior First Officer

QatarV Executive

bullets Airbus A318
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

bullets Bombardier CRJ-200
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

bullets Cessna Citation X
Required rank: Oryx Senior Captain

Future Fleet

bullets Airbus A350
Yes, with the exciting news that the Airbus A350 is coming to Infinite Flight, we at Qatar Virtual will be using this new aircraft to phase out our Airbus A340 and Airbus A380 aircraft by 2024

Qatar fly to over 150 destinations on all 6 inhabited continents

With over 150 routes, there is simply too many to list, however a full list of all our routes can be found on our website.

We also have our featured destination, every week we feature a new airport to earn our pilots bonus hours!


We are a proud member of the One World Virtual Alliance
One World Codeshares:
Virtual Cathay Pacific taking you from Hong Kong to Perth, Cairns, Seoul, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo Haneda and Tokyo Narita.

As well as our partnership with the One World Virtual Alliance, we are also partnered with the following airlines:
coming soon

Your home for all things Qatar Virtual
QatarV Hub is our private hosted crew centre, where you can find all information and relevant documents for your time with us at Qatar Virtual.

It is accessible through our website and a valuable tool for our pilots; from here you will bid on flights and log any flights, including codeshares.

What’s stopping you?
Applying to Qatar Virtual is easy! Simply head to our application, accessible here.
Please allow up to 24 hours for applications to be processed

Qatar Virtual are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C, Qatar Airways or the Government of Qatar. We are a not for profit virtual airline for the Infinite Flight simulator (Copyright Infinite Flight LLC). To visit Qatar Airways please visit


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Thank you all for your welcome. We can’t wait to work with all you guys :D

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Congratulations @Jake_Savage great looking thread and Va!

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I just submitted an application. Can’t wait for acceptance!!

Great, we can’t wait to welcome you to our airline.

As mentioned please allow 24 hours for us to process your application and we will get back to you :)

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Wow, awesome job guys! Happy to see another well made VA in the skies, cheers!


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Nothing but the best for you guys!


Congrats getting IFVARB certified guys!
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