Qatar Virtual group-flight to Sydney

Some moments of an old QRV group flight. Enjoy!

It was a couple of weeks ago when some of the QRV pilots joined me on the way from Doha, our hub to Sydney when it was featured. The flight time was around 14 hours with some tailwinds. Flying to Australia and New Zealand is always a very good experience. I always fly our flagship, the A380 to Sydney but the others decided to use the A350 since it is modern and more attractive than the big whale.

Server: expert
Aircraft: A388, A359

Waiting for pushback

Business class view

Ready to taxi to RWY 34R

Approaching Sydney Kingsford

QRV flooded the APRON :)

Tanks for checking out my shots!

All the best,

Abel Kocsis
Vice President of Qatar Virtual


Incredible pictures!!!

Looks like a fun flight and an amazing VA!

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Nice, hope you enjoyed our city!

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@Louis I really like Sydney Kingsford! I’m always happy when it is featured :)


Thank you 😊

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how can I join Qatar virtual?

Hey there, you can join them here!

That is not our thread. This is the old one.

Qatar Virtual Thread | Going Places Together

This is the current official thread

Wow love the pics