Qatar Virtual Airways | Official 2021 Thread

I’ve applied. I just got a few questions on how long will it take for my application to come threw as i applied on Friday


Hi there, we are so sorry about this accident, im gonna message you in a moment:)

Raihan Yudanto,
Deputy President

Thanks and don’t worry i’m not in a rush i’m just very excited
Kind regards

Have you messaged me?
Kind regards Cooper


Hey @QatarAirwaysVirtual !! I have applied a few days ago, but haven’t heard anything. Just wanted to make sure my application was received.

Thank you!

I also applied about a week ago but im not sure if it was received, thank you

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Hey QVA I was wondering if applications for a new pilot are closed at the moment as i tried about 4 or 5 days ago now and haven’t gotten an answer. Can anyone help, Thanks Sueno43

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We currently have a shortage in staff, so we’ll get to you asap!
Jesse Kuijpers
Qatar virtual CEO

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Thanks for the info!

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Dear IFC,

We are pleased to inform you all that Qatar Airways Virtual is now opening staff applications. Currently QRV is going through a major revamp to come back better and stronger than ever. Now we require your help to fill our open staff roles.


HR Manager | VACANT

Routes manager | VACANT

Events Manager | VACANT

Chief Pilot | VACANT

Media Manager | VACANT

If you are interested in being a staff at our VA then please do apply via - Application Form

For any issues/questions please do not hesitate to DM @Jesse0409 or @Juiceinaglass.



just applied. Hope to hear soon


Hi. Did you already have a reply back?
Thank you
Jesse Kuijpers
QRV ceo

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Yes i did thank you

I applied, still didn’t get a reply though.

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Please do wait for a while. Staffs are a bit busy during this holiday season. You can expect reply in the next 8 - 12 hours