Qatar goes Boeing, blasts Airbus

Qatar just put in an order for 100 Boeing aircraft, the majority of which are for the 737-Max

While also announcing the order the CEO boasted about Boeing being the best aircraft manufacture in the world firing shots at Airbus in what is a still bitter taste Qatar Airways has with Airbus over the delivery problems with the A320neo and A350XWB.

Qatar Airways, Boeing agree $19bn deal - Mubasher


Sorry, this is a duplicate.


Boeing is Better 😎😎😎

MaxSez: “If it ain’t Boeing it ain’t going”!


Ouch. That’s a really stinging rebuke of Airbus, considering that Qatar was the launch customer for the A350 XWB.

I just saw it today so I thought it was just announced this morning. Flagged it myself. Should be closed soon.

No it was announced nearly a week ago