Qatar, Etihad or Emirates

Which airline from the top is the best

The best is Qatar Airways:

But for me, Etihad are the best!

Qatar is best for me

Qatar is the overall best, Etihad is the most luxurious, and with Emirates you can fly everywhere in the world.

For first class, etihad is the best

Personally I find Emirates the best :)

its because they are super rich lol. I love emirates for the luxuryness but Qatar is nice, i only flew on them out of the top 3

Qatar all the way!

Personally I like Emirates but according to ScoopEmpire Qatar won the 2014 best airlines award.

…and 2015…

Emirates! :)

  • Qatar
  • Etihad
  • Emirates

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Seems like Qatar and Emirates are tying! ;) 42%