Qatar engine logo printed on to engine blades

Was just spawning in to make a fpl for an overnight but I seen this.

I believe this is something to with the livery, not with my phone as I cleared cache and closed the app again.

IPhone 7
32gbs of storage
(I have about 6 gbs of storage left)

Let me know if you can reproduce. Just spawn in with the Qatar 77W and then take a look at the engine blades.

Able to reproduce and I believe this is a known issue mate! 👍


Well I hope this is fixed by 22.3 because I won’t be flying that livery till then😪

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Well you can reproduce this sissue with all liveries unfortunately… This came with the new rendering thingi if my memory is correct but should be worked on sometime soon I hope 🤞

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Well I tried the B772LR Qatar and it’s not there. I’ll check more on the 77W especially one’s with logos on the engines.

Ok I can confirm you are not the only one’s


Its honestly kinda funny

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Disturbing for me😂

And that too

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How long has it been since it started?

“That is just called a Bird Strike” (@Declan_O, 2021)

Seriously tho:

I think since this topic below appeared outta nowhere in October. Is been a long time but it seems to be in the bottom of priorities.


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