Qatar Delays 787-9 Delivery

Sad news for Qatar fans, Qatar has delayed the delivery if their first 787-9 because of “Difficulties installing Qsuites” The carrier has these seats already installed their on 777 and A350 aircraft while the 787-8 contains a herringbone designed seat. The reason for these new seats is because of the 787-9 having a slightly narrower cabin. Some believe this seat to be the best in the sky, although this is a good seat, it is heavy therefore the reason for a new version. The new seat is 22% lighter then the original seat. Qatar has ordered 30 of these aircraft and the first are ready to be put in service but the seat is “not quite ready”. The carrier also planned to renovate its business class seats on their A380 aircraft, but the idea has been scrapped and the A380 will be phased out in the next five years. One of the coolest Qsuite features is the Quad seat where 4 passengers can sit together. In the end this hopefully won’t delay the 787-9 first flight because it looks beautiful.

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Very interesting 🧐

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Well, it’s better to take their time to give the customers a good product rather than giving them bad suites!

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