Qatar C-17 Globemaster!

I was browsing on the internet when I came across this really wired livery from Qatar!
Not my image


I’m not requesting I’m just stating a fact

Then this should go in #real-world-aviation .

I will remove my comment, sorry!

Can we just keep the features topic? People will see the “fact” when they look at it. Welcome :)

Probably because I’ve seen it before anyway

It’s a camo! It’s actually owned by the Qatari air force (Qatar amiri flight)

It’s not camo, Qatar Airways operates it.

No it doesn’t


It’s the Qatar Amiri Flight who operates the plane. Just it’s painted in QR livery. Why would Qatar Airways operate a military plane?


I’ve seen one of these in Qatar but never knew what it’s used for.

That’s interesting…

Maybe just for cargo. I can’t imagine them transporting passengers on it lol 😂

The C-17 is so ugly. As if the 737 wasn’t enough…

737 is ugly?

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Isn’t Qatar airlines operated by the government? If it is then the military could paint one of their C-17 in the Qatar livery.

QR is owned by the Qatar’s government. The plane is actually from the air force but it’s operated by the Qatari Amiri Flight and it’s painted with the QR livery.


beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A lot of people will disagree with you about the 737 being ugly, myself included.

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