Qatar Amiri Flight C-17

I would love to see this livery when this aircraft is remade, such ambient looking livery in my opinion.


Not mine, from here.


That looks amazing!

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That looks so wrong, yet so right at the same time. What’s it used for?


Military Purposes, which government would say that? haha

except a truly democratic one while Qatar isn’t one.

Looks strange, like a Qatar livery squashed onto a chubby plane. But still pretty cool, nice find Dishy


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That crazy looking!!

I was gonna request this plane, but I was too lazy, finally I see this, thanks!

Isn’t Qatar a civilian company? Why would they have a military transport craft?

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Mate already search this topic Boeing C-17 Globemaster Rework

would love to see this Livery in a reworked C-17! The rest of the line up are very similar with little differences between them.

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It’s because the goverment own Qatar airways so they can use the same livery to represent Qatar just like how Air India planes are used for transporting the Indian prime minister


C-17 as Passenger Jumbo would be very interested.

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If we get a C-17 rework this would be amazing to have, would be something very unique about Infinite Flight.

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Bump !

This is truly stunning :D

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